Introducing Carla and Craig

Let me introduce you to Carla Sharp and Craig Jones, the main characters of Hidden Treasures of Blackston Lake.

Carla Sharp: 26 years old, 5’4 and about 125 pounds She loves to run, swim and golf and has long honey blonde curly hair and sapphire blue eyes with an hour glass figure.

Craig Jones: 30 years old, 6’2 and about 190 pounds. Similar to Carla, Craig too likes golfing and running. He is a former Marine with muscular arms, brown hair and soft deep set hazel eyes.

Craig now has an office right next to Carla’s. The day she comes back to work from her illness, Craig popped in her office with a red rose to welcome her back. Sitting at her desk gazing at the rose she remembers their first meeting. She always did go for the tall, handsome type.

Caught daydreaming, Craig asks if she has any staples, bringing her back to reality. Carla replies with a smile and toss of her hair. Now Craig is the one day dreaming.

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