Carla Handles Another Awkward Moment

Have you ever had someone who is constantly watching your every move?

I can honestly say been there done that.  They’re always standing in the background watching you, casually touching you, gives me the willies.

Carla faced that issue with her co-worker Mark Smith.  Yes, he helped her when she had the panic attack, carrying her across the street and holding on to her arm.

There’s the time when that is enough and you need your personal space back.

Well Mark did this to Carla, a few weeks later after she’s back to work Mark asks her to meet him after work to talk.  Being polite Carla met him at the Grill. Doing her best to keep the conversation on a casual basis as he kept trying to sit closer to her.

In walked Craig and his friend Howard, taking a seat at the table with Carla and Mark, all three men are drinking. She now is the only women at the table, Carla’s seen the look Mark gives Craig before. Talk about an awkward moment!

Graciously Carla announces a previous engagement, pays her bill and left them sitting there. Can’t say I blame her I would be doing the same thing.

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