The Magnetism Begins

Carla is still seeing the counselor to help her find out what caused the Panic Attack, there was a fire in the apartment complex which triggers Carla’s memory of the fire at her grandparents farm.  Her smile and cheerfulness was back.

Carla invited her friend Mary Kate to spend the weekend at Indiana Dunes.  They ran on the beach early in the morning watching boats heading out to fish..

Later at work an office outing at the Grill came up, Carla’s car was in the shop and Craig took her to the Grill, that’s when he remembered seeing her running on the beach and said “You made for some very interesting scenery”.

Attending the company functions Craig Jones is always asking her to dance, Carla loves to dance and Craig is like … Well let’s just say when they dance it’s like watching Dancing With The Stars, and the magnetism they have just shows through more and more.

One function Carla was with her neighbor Roger, Craig was drinking his Jack & Coke and Roger his Tequila, the green-eyed monster was enraged, and it wasn’t pretty, from then on Carla was careful where the date would be, never to mix the two again.

At the Grill one night Carla was in a conversation and felt Craig’s presents, “Don’t just stand there, what’s on your mind Craig”?    “How do you do that” Craig asked…. “Can we talk, I’m ashamed to admit I made a fool of myself,  forgive me please”!   “Dance with me Carla”.

That years Christmas party was at the Grill and Carla danced the night away with Craig, drinking way too much and Craig took her home.  After that night Carla’s nightmares stopped and dreams of Craig Jones started.

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