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What ‘old relic’ has inspired your House On The Hill?

I’ve been trying to figure out the way to describe Craig Jones ‘old relic’ that Carla has just walked through.  I think I finally can do this in under a 1,000 words.  This house is actually a character in Hidden Treasures of Blackston Lake.

Remember some of the houses in old movies or the Godfather, now think about that old Court House on the square, that Library on campus, the Dean’s house, maybe you’ve been lucky enough to be inside an old bank or hotel.  These buildings are from 1900’s – 50’s. Drive around some of the smaller towns, lakes and even in the big cities you’ll see homes where the Pine and Oak trees are huge, they have a porch big enough to drive under and sprawling yards.

This is the way the House On The Hill was created, from memories. That beautiful brass and wrought iron work in the bank by the tellers, that marble column.  The clatter of the ladies heels walking across the polished marble or terrazzo flooring in the hotel lobby or office building; now that’s where you can really see master builders work.

Ever wonder how the wood ever get so smooth on the handrail along the staircase or you ever danced on one of those old wood floors, and the wood paneled walls. Sometimes it’s worth it to stay in that older hotel!

The coolness of the a true smooth plastered wall when you touch your hand on it, or look up at the perfect entwining, slightly raised ribs of the circular swirls covering the ceiling, and that curved arch leading to the hallway or dining room.  Oh and you can’t forget the big picture windows that reached out passed your stretched out arms, taking up almost the whole wall, what a view.

There was no prefab homes or instant subdivisions springing up, it took time to build these masterpieces.  I’ve been fortunate to have lived in a home that was built the old fashion way, perhaps you have too. There’s one just down the street that I drive by daily.

Memories, along with visiting many other homes like the ‘old relic’ as Craig called it, inspired the House On The Hill.  So some weekend take a drive off the interstate and find one of these wonderful treasures before it’s gone.  What ‘old relic’ will inspired your House On The Hill?

What would you do?

You have just spent Friday and Saturday with this hunk you have a magnetism with that just won’t stop. He’s taken you to a fabulous restaurant, told you truthfully why he hadn’t pursued you till now and talked for hours sipping champagne.

He takes you to see his ‘old relic’ as he calls it; the most magnificent house with marble floors and oak doors, curved plaster walls overlooking a cove and lake that you have ever seen. While you are there you witness the discovery of his wine cellar full of imported wines and Dom Perignon champagne.

What would your reaction be?

The next week Carla received her red rose on her desk Monday morning as she had for some time now.  Wednesday she received a sweetheart tea rose bouquet with a note ‘Thinking of you, C’  “Craig is my secret admirer”.

Meanwhile there is trouble brewing with the Smith household as Mark and Paula argue about her gossip and Paula asked “Why don’t you ever sends me flowers”?  the whole time Mark is thinking I don’t stand a chance in hell against someone sending her ROSES!

Think there is trouble brewing?


Isn’t it amazing how we think our life revolves around our own little universe.  It could be all about food, material things, our wants and desires for that perfect Christmas tree and present for special someone.

Then one day you find your perfect world changed with a wink of an eye, a handshake, newspaper clipping, a smile from a stranger, a telephone call or the sound of the pen on a piece of paper.  Your life as you know it has been changed.  Will it be for the best or worse.  How and what you do with it is all up to you.

Facing that situation many times in my life, I’ve come back fighting after crying thinking all is gone.  Some of us will turn to comforts that are not good for us, others will take the change and embrace it, praying that the road we choose will be the one to enrich us to our full potential.

In the past years I have been fortunate to meet many new people who have faced difficulties in their lives far worse than any of mine and that’s when reality hits me head on.  These people have such a positive outlook on life, they embrace it and make the most of what God has given them.

I realize I am truly blessed to be able to finally write my books, and with all involved in my books I have tossed out my reliance on the comfort & junk foods: I’m too busy for that now.  I have to improve my writing and pray I’ll get better at it every day, this is my goal my lively hood my inspiration, if those new friends and acquaintances I’ve met can overcome their adversities then so can I.

Love you all!

Their First …

Everyone has a place we love to gather with our friends, have a drink, watch the ball games and at times lose ourselves…  Carla Sharp had that place, The Grill, around the corner from her apartment, the chosen spot for company gatherings.

Like many of us she was assigned a big project, it was a confidential new trial run to help grow sales in a new area type of project. Carla saw this as her ‘Oscar’, the promotion that she had craved.  Throwing every ounce of energy into it with a determination of finally reaching success.  6 months later, it was done and a Grill Burger was the only thing she wanted. To her surprise there he sat… The evening lasted till the early morning and of course Craig danced Carla around the floor the whole night.

The following Monday the awards celebration was about to begin.  Craig came and sat at the table next to Carla “Carla, I think you should be getting an award this year, you really have worked hard,” he said as he touched her shoulder.

“This years OTT award goes to Carla Sharp and Dale York.” Dale went over to Carla, hugged her and escorted her up to the stage for their award as the room erupted in applause.

The celebration started with someone buying a bottle of champagne and soon other drinks as well, everyone was having a good time. “Carla, I told you,” Craig said, giving Carla a lingering sensual kiss along with a big hug catching her off guard, turning her legs to rubber. “Craig can we get together and talk later”? She asked after catching her breath “Yes, definitely”!

The party continued well into the evening and spilled over to the Grill where the dancing began. Craig danced Carla all over the floor that night, holding her close to him on the slow dances. “This is beginning to feel very comfortable Carla; we make a good dance team.” he said enjoying every minute of Carla’s body close to his. “Yes Craig, we do” Carla said in agreement, wondering to herself what he would do given the chance!

A Friendly Talk

A PromiseCraig pulled up to his apartment and realized Howard had followed him, “well, come on in since you’re here Howard”! “I will, we need to talk”.

“Craig you introduced me to that lovely lady, and you’d been drinking, remember. You’re sober right now, correct”? “Yes” “So I can say this to you and it will sink into that thick skull of yours”. “You sound seriousHoward”! “I’m knock that incoming hand grenade away from you serious, are you ready to listen to me”? Craig sat in his chair with a thud, Howard stood in front of him.   “Yes Howard, when I hear you talking like that I know I really fucked up”!

“Craig you and I have been buds for our whole life, off and on like a light switch, but like it or not we are important to one another, we’re partners! We have a legacy to continue, IF you play your cards right that lovely lady could be part of your life”!

How many times have you been about to say something and a friend stopped you.  Personally I got mad, “How dare you” is what crossed my mind, only to realize that my friend was saving me from a big mistake.  A been there done that moment, this is what just happened to Craig.

Friendships Grow

Sometimes a friendship grows over a lifetime only to wither on the vine as the years go by; the phone calls and gatherings get farther apart.  The person stays in your mind hidden, only to pop up when least expected.

While Carla was trying to refocus on what her life should be, she was building the friendship with Craig and dating Roger, Mary Kate her dearest friend and confidant by her side.

Carla’s focus became clear to her, career and health; spending long hours at the office, she got a few big projects to handle. Running, helped as did the occasional run into Craig at the office, at breakfast and out at the driving range helped too; then a week’s vacation brought her to reality.

She quit smoking and drinking!  After a week this required an apartment refresh.  Roger, being the head of maintenance jumped to the challenge. After Roger left that Friday night the phone rang: “Hello Carla, remember me a voice from your past, Jerry…”.

Jerry dated Carla for many years only to disappear from her life a few years ago. Carla finally spoke  “I can meet you next Saturday…”  Carla was polite and in control of her emotions during their meeting till Jerry started explaining his disappearance. That’s when Carla’s emotions turn to hurt and anger, he’d lied to her!

Carla ran out of the restaurant and never saw Craig standing at the doorway.  But Craig saw her and the tears in her eyes, he knew that look on her face better than anyone else. “Oh Damn, I’ll kill that…”

A big hand grabbed Craig’s forearm and swung him around, “Howard”  “Craig Jones , NO