Friendships Grow

Sometimes a friendship grows over a lifetime only to wither on the vine as the years go by; the phone calls and gatherings get farther apart.  The person stays in your mind hidden, only to pop up when least expected.

While Carla was trying to refocus on what her life should be, she was building the friendship with Craig and dating Roger, Mary Kate her dearest friend and confidant by her side.

Carla’s focus became clear to her, career and health; spending long hours at the office, she got a few big projects to handle. Running, helped as did the occasional run into Craig at the office, at breakfast and out at the driving range helped too; then a week’s vacation brought her to reality.

She quit smoking and drinking!  After a week this required an apartment refresh.  Roger, being the head of maintenance jumped to the challenge. After Roger left that Friday night the phone rang: “Hello Carla, remember me a voice from your past, Jerry…”.

Jerry dated Carla for many years only to disappear from her life a few years ago. Carla finally spoke  “I can meet you next Saturday…”  Carla was polite and in control of her emotions during their meeting till Jerry started explaining his disappearance. That’s when Carla’s emotions turn to hurt and anger, he’d lied to her!

Carla ran out of the restaurant and never saw Craig standing at the doorway.  But Craig saw her and the tears in her eyes, he knew that look on her face better than anyone else. “Oh Damn, I’ll kill that…”

A big hand grabbed Craig’s forearm and swung him around, “Howard”  “Craig Jones , NO

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