A Friendly Talk

A PromiseCraig pulled up to his apartment and realized Howard had followed him, “well, come on in since you’re here Howard”! “I will, we need to talk”.

“Craig you introduced me to that lovely lady, and you’d been drinking, remember. You’re sober right now, correct”? “Yes” “So I can say this to you and it will sink into that thick skull of yours”. “You sound seriousHoward”! “I’m knock that incoming hand grenade away from you serious, are you ready to listen to me”? Craig sat in his chair with a thud, Howard stood in front of him.   “Yes Howard, when I hear you talking like that I know I really fucked up”!

“Craig you and I have been buds for our whole life, off and on like a light switch, but like it or not we are important to one another, we’re partners! We have a legacy to continue, IF you play your cards right that lovely lady could be part of your life”!

How many times have you been about to say something and a friend stopped you.  Personally I got mad, “How dare you” is what crossed my mind, only to realize that my friend was saving me from a big mistake.  A been there done that moment, this is what just happened to Craig.

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