Their First …

Everyone has a place we love to gather with our friends, have a drink, watch the ball games and at times lose ourselves…  Carla Sharp had that place, The Grill, around the corner from her apartment, the chosen spot for company gatherings.

Like many of us she was assigned a big project, it was a confidential new trial run to help grow sales in a new area type of project. Carla saw this as her ‘Oscar’, the promotion that she had craved.  Throwing every ounce of energy into it with a determination of finally reaching success.  6 months later, it was done and a Grill Burger was the only thing she wanted. To her surprise there he sat… The evening lasted till the early morning and of course Craig danced Carla around the floor the whole night.

The following Monday the awards celebration was about to begin.  Craig came and sat at the table next to Carla “Carla, I think you should be getting an award this year, you really have worked hard,” he said as he touched her shoulder.

“This years OTT award goes to Carla Sharp and Dale York.” Dale went over to Carla, hugged her and escorted her up to the stage for their award as the room erupted in applause.

The celebration started with someone buying a bottle of champagne and soon other drinks as well, everyone was having a good time. “Carla, I told you,” Craig said, giving Carla a lingering sensual kiss along with a big hug catching her off guard, turning her legs to rubber. “Craig can we get together and talk later”? She asked after catching her breath “Yes, definitely”!

The party continued well into the evening and spilled over to the Grill where the dancing began. Craig danced Carla all over the floor that night, holding her close to him on the slow dances. “This is beginning to feel very comfortable Carla; we make a good dance team.” he said enjoying every minute of Carla’s body close to his. “Yes Craig, we do” Carla said in agreement, wondering to herself what he would do given the chance!

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