Isn’t it amazing how we think our life revolves around our own little universe.  It could be all about food, material things, our wants and desires for that perfect Christmas tree and present for special someone.

Then one day you find your perfect world changed with a wink of an eye, a handshake, newspaper clipping, a smile from a stranger, a telephone call or the sound of the pen on a piece of paper.  Your life as you know it has been changed.  Will it be for the best or worse.  How and what you do with it is all up to you.

Facing that situation many times in my life, I’ve come back fighting after crying thinking all is gone.  Some of us will turn to comforts that are not good for us, others will take the change and embrace it, praying that the road we choose will be the one to enrich us to our full potential.

In the past years I have been fortunate to meet many new people who have faced difficulties in their lives far worse than any of mine and that’s when reality hits me head on.  These people have such a positive outlook on life, they embrace it and make the most of what God has given them.

I realize I am truly blessed to be able to finally write my books, and with all involved in my books I have tossed out my reliance on the comfort & junk foods: I’m too busy for that now.  I have to improve my writing and pray I’ll get better at it every day, this is my goal my lively hood my inspiration, if those new friends and acquaintances I’ve met can overcome their adversities then so can I.

Love you all!

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