What would you do?

You have just spent Friday and Saturday with this hunk you have a magnetism with that just won’t stop. He’s taken you to a fabulous restaurant, told you truthfully why he hadn’t pursued you till now and talked for hours sipping champagne.

He takes you to see his ‘old relic’ as he calls it; the most magnificent house with marble floors and oak doors, curved plaster walls overlooking a cove and lake that you have ever seen. While you are there you witness the discovery of his wine cellar full of imported wines and Dom Perignon champagne.

What would your reaction be?

The next week Carla received her red rose on her desk Monday morning as she had for some time now.  Wednesday she received a sweetheart tea rose bouquet with a note ‘Thinking of you, C’  “Craig is my secret admirer”.

Meanwhile there is trouble brewing with the Smith household as Mark and Paula argue about her gossip and Paula asked “Why don’t you ever sends me flowers”?  the whole time Mark is thinking I don’t stand a chance in hell against someone sending her ROSES!

Think there is trouble brewing?

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