What ‘old relic’ has inspired your House On The Hill?

I’ve been trying to figure out the way to describe Craig Jones ‘old relic’ that Carla has just walked through.  I think I finally can do this in under a 1,000 words.  This house is actually a character in Hidden Treasures of Blackston Lake.

Remember some of the houses in old movies or the Godfather, now think about that old Court House on the square, that Library on campus, the Dean’s house, maybe you’ve been lucky enough to be inside an old bank or hotel.  These buildings are from 1900’s – 50’s. Drive around some of the smaller towns, lakes and even in the big cities you’ll see homes where the Pine and Oak trees are huge, they have a porch big enough to drive under and sprawling yards.

This is the way the House On The Hill was created, from memories. That beautiful brass and wrought iron work in the bank by the tellers, that marble column.  The clatter of the ladies heels walking across the polished marble or terrazzo flooring in the hotel lobby or office building; now that’s where you can really see master builders work.

Ever wonder how the wood ever get so smooth on the handrail along the staircase or you ever danced on one of those old wood floors, and the wood paneled walls. Sometimes it’s worth it to stay in that older hotel!

The coolness of the a true smooth plastered wall when you touch your hand on it, or look up at the perfect entwining, slightly raised ribs of the circular swirls covering the ceiling, and that curved arch leading to the hallway or dining room.  Oh and you can’t forget the big picture windows that reached out passed your stretched out arms, taking up almost the whole wall, what a view.

There was no prefab homes or instant subdivisions springing up, it took time to build these masterpieces.  I’ve been fortunate to have lived in a home that was built the old fashion way, perhaps you have too. There’s one just down the street that I drive by daily.

Memories, along with visiting many other homes like the ‘old relic’ as Craig called it, inspired the House On The Hill.  So some weekend take a drive off the interstate and find one of these wonderful treasures before it’s gone.  What ‘old relic’ will inspired your House On The Hill?

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