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Spring And Love Is In The Air.

Oh, maybe this will cheer us all up.

It’s late spring and love is in the air at Blackston Lake, Carla finally admits that she is head over heels in love with Craig Jones.  The work at the house is all done, the weather is warming up and the mail at Carla’s included a wedding invitation.  Yes love is in the air.

Craig knocked on her door… they shared some wine and he told Carla about the golf outing with Allan, Marcus and Samuel.  He was asking permission to go… Carla said “I think I can trust you to behave… remember your promise and our Deal.”

The Memorial Day picnic was approaching, Craig and Carla started by going to the Delta’s new Pub on Friday night for dinner and dancing, spending the night at his place cause the wine was too good.  Craig slept on the couch after a cold shower, Carla in the bedroom.

Saturday was a scorcher, Craig suggested “Let’s take the day off and play in the water” “Sounds fine with me Craig, I have a swim suit in my bag” she changed into the bikini and headed for the pier. “Meet you in the lake Carla”. Craig ran ahead and did a cannonball into the lake.

She watched him from the patio as she walked out, he didn’t have much of a tan yet but, she could see the wash board abs and his muscles, proving his love of running wasn’t a lie “damn he’s hot”! He turned around to see her, his red swim trunks had a waistband that said ‘Diesel’ right in front over the tie string and fly “Now that’s an interesting place for a brand to be”!

Carla had on her sapphire blue string bikini with the silver circles, her hair was loose; the suite emphasized her narrow waist and her voluptuous bosom. She told herself your in trouble girl, that body is going to be hard to resist she shook off the desire and focused on her graceful dive that was not about to change. “I’m going to show off for you Mr. Jones” as she dove in coming up right in front of him.

“Oh, Lord help me she’s hot” Get control boy, you are in trouble and have a lot of cold showers coming! he told himself as he watched Carla dive in the water. “Wow” was all he said as she broke through the water in front of him, his eyes telling her of his desire but, it was what Craig said “I want you so bad, I’ll do whatever it takes to make you mine”! “Really, Mr. Jones, I’m thinking the toddling stage has been taken over by walking in the past few minutes”! She took off swimming with him fast behind.

Office Gossip

Anyone that’s worked in an office has seen office romances.  Are they a couple or aren’t they, events transpire and the truth starts to become reality.  Every office has a person that can’t help but talk about everyone else or themselves.

Craig and Carla are faced with this situation, the gossip queen in their office is the person who receives deliveries, Paula Smith, married to Craig’s best buddy Mark.  Mark was there in Chicago,  and he’s been around all the time; at the parties, the Grill and today he’s at the coffee pot…

“How is it going with you two Carla, I’d love to see you”. Mark asked in a very low voice with a wink.
“What? You know something “! Carla was pissed at him trying to hide anger as she blushed and stepped back from Mark. Craig walked up behind Mark “What are you talking about”? Mark smiled and walked away.

“You ok, what did he say to you, you’re blushing Carla”? “I’m ok, I’ll tell you later”.

There was a voice mail later on her personal cell phone from Mark “See you at The Grill after work tonight.” Carla made a mental note and went back to finish her day. Later she got an email from Paula about a get together tonight.

Mark and Craig we’re at the bar in what appeared to be a serious conversation when she walked in, she noticed Dale and Sherry York at a table and joined them. Mark and Craig came over as more people came in joining them as well. Everyone chatted and ordered drinks and food. To every one at the Grill, this was a bunch of co-workers out for the evening.

… Carla looked at Mark “what’s going on Mark”? Craig also asked Mark, “Yes Mark what’s with you lately”? “Gee gigs up, oh well, I thought it would be nice if you two could be seen out together with others from work, without having to sneak out of town all the time!” Mark said.

Carla was remembering the last time the three where here, and it made her shiver. Craig jumped up with his fist clenched, then went to the bar and came back with a glass of Carla’s favorite wine. “It was all Paula’s idea, fun was had by all, right.” Mark bragged, proud of the little wedge he might have just put between Craig and Carla, I saw her first you jarhead.

Craig sat down next to Carla with her wine, “It’s none of your business or Paula’s, please stop meddling in my life Mark and leave Carla alone”!   Carla spoke up then “I figured he knew we’re spending every weekend together, I didn’t want it around the gossip line in the office, we are just friends right”! Now you did it Carla, why didn’t I just let it go. Oh please God don’t let me ruin this relationship to.

The next day at the office Carla received a lovely potted pink tea rose. ‘More than friends I hope’ was the wording on the card but there was no envelope, there was no name signed. She was secretly hoping it was from the last man to give her roses…

… a knock on the door. Carla looked out, it was Craig. “Hello he handed her a dozen red roses, may I come in Carla”.    “Craig, you truly are a romantic, you already sent me roses today”, Carla took the box and placed the roses in a vase. “I know, the office ones where visual effects for hurricane Paula, these are only for you my lady”! Craig gave her a kiss. Craig let go and kissed Carla like he had wanted to for months, deep and sensual, complete with a slight dip, and picked her up in his arms…

Carla wants to know!

Carla’s life has been a whirlwind for the past couple of months. Every weekend Craig has picked her up early Saturday and Sunday spending all their time at the house, cleaning and painting. There was the painting incident touching each other and a few cheek kisses but so far Craig hadn’t showed any affection. However there was the red rose on her desk every week and the smiles and occasional winks when they passed each other in the office.

It’s Easter weekend late in April, Carla wants to go to church, so the two agree to go to church there in Awlsport and have brunch at the Awlsport Café. Carla asked “Craig, how do you feel about our relationship?”

“My lady, that is a question I am prepared to answer, are you prepared to hear it”? Craig asked, holding her hand. Carla sipped more champagne Brace yourself honey, and be ready to live with the answer to your question Carly.’

“Yes Craig I am”! “Good, because the more I am with you and learn about you Carla, the more I find myself in love with you” Craig said. “Is that what you wanted to hear Carla? I learned my lesson with Aileen. Trust me when I say, oh how do I say this? I am a romantic Carla, so I am saying this with all my heart.”

Craig looked into her eyes, “Carla I am in this for the long-term, if you are not ready, I am willing to wait till you are, but I’m warning you Red Rose is relentless.” Craig kissed her hand and held it tight “I love you”!

“No deadlines Craig, and we can take it slow like it has been, learning all about each other; and be sure it’s what we both want”. “Yes, you are in control and I promise safe, till you show me differently”! “I don’t think I could stand another break up. I want it all or nothing, I have been alone for so long” Carla felt the tears well up in her eyes. Craig saw that same look once before.

“I’m not him Carla, I’m here 24/7. True confession time Carla”, Craig had a very serious somewhat guilty look on his face. “I saw you run crying out of the Delta, one very stormy Saturday afternoon.” “What did you say? Ooh, I was hoping no one I knew saw that,” Carla said, ashamed, lowering her head.

“I wanted to win you over when you were ready and not before. I knew my urge to run over and rescue you, hold you, that day so no one else could ever hurt you again . . . It just wasn’t the right time.” Craig said as he squeezed her hand when she started to tense up.

“Whatever had happened inside hurt you enough to not even see me? My Marine combat training kicked in and I wanted to hurt that person. I had to leave immediately before I started a scene. I have never been so mad in all my life.” Craig continued, “I knew that day, somehow I had found a real lady to make my own if, I played my cards right”!

More than friends!!!

For the past month Carla and Craig have spent the weekend together working at Craig’s House on the Hill.  There has been cleaning out of papers and left objects in the house and painting.   The two people are becoming great friends and as the spring is starting to bloom so is their relationship.  One weekend while working in a corner painting their relationship advanced to another level.

“You know Craig I don’t think either one of us has worn anything other than these clothes every weekend”. “No sense getting paint on any other clothes, right”?

“Yea that makes sense”, Carla giggled and slapped a big hand print on his rear. “Hey oh you shouldn’t have done that Miss Sharp” Craig was shaking his hand back and forth, a paint brush in his hand, full of gold paint and a sinister grin on his face, he walked over to where Carla was standing. “Oh no Craig, ooh,” she was laughing now and looking for an escape route. He caught her as she was slipping on the drip cloth and smacked her on each side of her derrière “Now we’re even, one on each of your lovely cheeks. You’re branded in Craig’s designer jeans with my hand”!

“Branded”? Carla looked him in the eyes “If that’s the case you need another brand Mr. Jones” she wiped her hand across her paint brush and grabbed his crotch. “Whoa”! “Now you have designer Carla jeans and I have designer Craig jeans”! “Oh what did you do, Craig’s designer t-shirt” he ran his brush over his hands put them on her breast. “There my hand print on the front, Carla’s designer t-shirt.” “You know we can never wear these clothes in public any more”! “This is enamel paint it won’t come out”. “Yes” “We’ve started something here Carla”! “Yes Craig, I think we just went from crawling to toddling”!

Carla was feeling good about helping Craig, they where becoming close friends. Today their relationship took a step into the unknown. The close feelings from the dancing had raised to a new level with the hand print designer clothes they we’re now wearing. Things were headed into more than friends!!!