More than friends!!!

For the past month Carla and Craig have spent the weekend together working at Craig’s House on the Hill.  There has been cleaning out of papers and left objects in the house and painting.   The two people are becoming great friends and as the spring is starting to bloom so is their relationship.  One weekend while working in a corner painting their relationship advanced to another level.

“You know Craig I don’t think either one of us has worn anything other than these clothes every weekend”. “No sense getting paint on any other clothes, right”?

“Yea that makes sense”, Carla giggled and slapped a big hand print on his rear. “Hey oh you shouldn’t have done that Miss Sharp” Craig was shaking his hand back and forth, a paint brush in his hand, full of gold paint and a sinister grin on his face, he walked over to where Carla was standing. “Oh no Craig, ooh,” she was laughing now and looking for an escape route. He caught her as she was slipping on the drip cloth and smacked her on each side of her derrière “Now we’re even, one on each of your lovely cheeks. You’re branded in Craig’s designer jeans with my hand”!

“Branded”? Carla looked him in the eyes “If that’s the case you need another brand Mr. Jones” she wiped her hand across her paint brush and grabbed his crotch. “Whoa”! “Now you have designer Carla jeans and I have designer Craig jeans”! “Oh what did you do, Craig’s designer t-shirt” he ran his brush over his hands put them on her breast. “There my hand print on the front, Carla’s designer t-shirt.” “You know we can never wear these clothes in public any more”! “This is enamel paint it won’t come out”. “Yes” “We’ve started something here Carla”! “Yes Craig, I think we just went from crawling to toddling”!

Carla was feeling good about helping Craig, they where becoming close friends. Today their relationship took a step into the unknown. The close feelings from the dancing had raised to a new level with the hand print designer clothes they we’re now wearing. Things were headed into more than friends!!!

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