Carla wants to know!

Carla’s life has been a whirlwind for the past couple of months. Every weekend Craig has picked her up early Saturday and Sunday spending all their time at the house, cleaning and painting. There was the painting incident touching each other and a few cheek kisses but so far Craig hadn’t showed any affection. However there was the red rose on her desk every week and the smiles and occasional winks when they passed each other in the office.

It’s Easter weekend late in April, Carla wants to go to church, so the two agree to go to church there in Awlsport and have brunch at the Awlsport Café. Carla asked “Craig, how do you feel about our relationship?”

“My lady, that is a question I am prepared to answer, are you prepared to hear it”? Craig asked, holding her hand. Carla sipped more champagne Brace yourself honey, and be ready to live with the answer to your question Carly.’

“Yes Craig I am”! “Good, because the more I am with you and learn about you Carla, the more I find myself in love with you” Craig said. “Is that what you wanted to hear Carla? I learned my lesson with Aileen. Trust me when I say, oh how do I say this? I am a romantic Carla, so I am saying this with all my heart.”

Craig looked into her eyes, “Carla I am in this for the long-term, if you are not ready, I am willing to wait till you are, but I’m warning you Red Rose is relentless.” Craig kissed her hand and held it tight “I love you”!

“No deadlines Craig, and we can take it slow like it has been, learning all about each other; and be sure it’s what we both want”. “Yes, you are in control and I promise safe, till you show me differently”! “I don’t think I could stand another break up. I want it all or nothing, I have been alone for so long” Carla felt the tears well up in her eyes. Craig saw that same look once before.

“I’m not him Carla, I’m here 24/7. True confession time Carla”, Craig had a very serious somewhat guilty look on his face. “I saw you run crying out of the Delta, one very stormy Saturday afternoon.” “What did you say? Ooh, I was hoping no one I knew saw that,” Carla said, ashamed, lowering her head.

“I wanted to win you over when you were ready and not before. I knew my urge to run over and rescue you, hold you, that day so no one else could ever hurt you again . . . It just wasn’t the right time.” Craig said as he squeezed her hand when she started to tense up.

“Whatever had happened inside hurt you enough to not even see me? My Marine combat training kicked in and I wanted to hurt that person. I had to leave immediately before I started a scene. I have never been so mad in all my life.” Craig continued, “I knew that day, somehow I had found a real lady to make my own if, I played my cards right”!

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