Office Gossip

Anyone that’s worked in an office has seen office romances.  Are they a couple or aren’t they, events transpire and the truth starts to become reality.  Every office has a person that can’t help but talk about everyone else or themselves.

Craig and Carla are faced with this situation, the gossip queen in their office is the person who receives deliveries, Paula Smith, married to Craig’s best buddy Mark.  Mark was there in Chicago,  and he’s been around all the time; at the parties, the Grill and today he’s at the coffee pot…

“How is it going with you two Carla, I’d love to see you”. Mark asked in a very low voice with a wink.
“What? You know something “! Carla was pissed at him trying to hide anger as she blushed and stepped back from Mark. Craig walked up behind Mark “What are you talking about”? Mark smiled and walked away.

“You ok, what did he say to you, you’re blushing Carla”? “I’m ok, I’ll tell you later”.

There was a voice mail later on her personal cell phone from Mark “See you at The Grill after work tonight.” Carla made a mental note and went back to finish her day. Later she got an email from Paula about a get together tonight.

Mark and Craig we’re at the bar in what appeared to be a serious conversation when she walked in, she noticed Dale and Sherry York at a table and joined them. Mark and Craig came over as more people came in joining them as well. Everyone chatted and ordered drinks and food. To every one at the Grill, this was a bunch of co-workers out for the evening.

… Carla looked at Mark “what’s going on Mark”? Craig also asked Mark, “Yes Mark what’s with you lately”? “Gee gigs up, oh well, I thought it would be nice if you two could be seen out together with others from work, without having to sneak out of town all the time!” Mark said.

Carla was remembering the last time the three where here, and it made her shiver. Craig jumped up with his fist clenched, then went to the bar and came back with a glass of Carla’s favorite wine. “It was all Paula’s idea, fun was had by all, right.” Mark bragged, proud of the little wedge he might have just put between Craig and Carla, I saw her first you jarhead.

Craig sat down next to Carla with her wine, “It’s none of your business or Paula’s, please stop meddling in my life Mark and leave Carla alone”!   Carla spoke up then “I figured he knew we’re spending every weekend together, I didn’t want it around the gossip line in the office, we are just friends right”! Now you did it Carla, why didn’t I just let it go. Oh please God don’t let me ruin this relationship to.

The next day at the office Carla received a lovely potted pink tea rose. ‘More than friends I hope’ was the wording on the card but there was no envelope, there was no name signed. She was secretly hoping it was from the last man to give her roses…

… a knock on the door. Carla looked out, it was Craig. “Hello he handed her a dozen red roses, may I come in Carla”.    “Craig, you truly are a romantic, you already sent me roses today”, Carla took the box and placed the roses in a vase. “I know, the office ones where visual effects for hurricane Paula, these are only for you my lady”! Craig gave her a kiss. Craig let go and kissed Carla like he had wanted to for months, deep and sensual, complete with a slight dip, and picked her up in his arms…

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