Spring And Love Is In The Air.

Oh, maybe this will cheer us all up.

It’s late spring and love is in the air at Blackston Lake, Carla finally admits that she is head over heels in love with Craig Jones.  The work at the house is all done, the weather is warming up and the mail at Carla’s included a wedding invitation.  Yes love is in the air.

Craig knocked on her door… they shared some wine and he told Carla about the golf outing with Allan, Marcus and Samuel.  He was asking permission to go… Carla said “I think I can trust you to behave… remember your promise and our Deal.”

The Memorial Day picnic was approaching, Craig and Carla started by going to the Delta’s new Pub on Friday night for dinner and dancing, spending the night at his place cause the wine was too good.  Craig slept on the couch after a cold shower, Carla in the bedroom.

Saturday was a scorcher, Craig suggested “Let’s take the day off and play in the water” “Sounds fine with me Craig, I have a swim suit in my bag” she changed into the bikini and headed for the pier. “Meet you in the lake Carla”. Craig ran ahead and did a cannonball into the lake.

She watched him from the patio as she walked out, he didn’t have much of a tan yet but, she could see the wash board abs and his muscles, proving his love of running wasn’t a lie “damn he’s hot”! He turned around to see her, his red swim trunks had a waistband that said ‘Diesel’ right in front over the tie string and fly “Now that’s an interesting place for a brand to be”!

Carla had on her sapphire blue string bikini with the silver circles, her hair was loose; the suite emphasized her narrow waist and her voluptuous bosom. She told herself your in trouble girl, that body is going to be hard to resist she shook off the desire and focused on her graceful dive that was not about to change. “I’m going to show off for you Mr. Jones” as she dove in coming up right in front of him.

“Oh, Lord help me she’s hot” Get control boy, you are in trouble and have a lot of cold showers coming! he told himself as he watched Carla dive in the water. “Wow” was all he said as she broke through the water in front of him, his eyes telling her of his desire but, it was what Craig said “I want you so bad, I’ll do whatever it takes to make you mine”! “Really, Mr. Jones, I’m thinking the toddling stage has been taken over by walking in the past few minutes”! She took off swimming with him fast behind.

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