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Two Miserable Weeks

Ever break-up or have a terrible fight suddenly with the love of your life?

What did you do?  Cry, scream “Why Me?”  “What’s wrong With ME?”  Or perhaps it was the “That S O B” and other choice words shouted in anger.   Did you drink more than normal.  Eat a whole large works pizza.  Devour a big bag of miniature candy bars, or the quart of chocolate chip ice cream.  Maybe you went shopping, and maxed out the credit card. Talk your best friends ear off while crying on the phone.

What ever you did that’s what Carla went through.  She felt betrayed, anger. She couldn’t call her best friend, Mary Kate; who she thought had also betrayed her.  Never trusting another man type of hurt.  Worse was she had to face all the people at work, that she was sure had heard all about the fight from Paula.

Craig called his best friend Allan.

Craig however didn’t work, he had a broken nose, black eye and bruised ribs. “I have to figure a way to convince her I didn’t do that I’m innocent”? Every time he moved he hurt. The black eye was starting to clear up when Allan knocked on the door.
“Hey, come on in.” “Wow did she do this to you Craig”? “Yes, she is a class act till you cross her, and I know better than any one else, what she is capable of. I almost got her hand across my face, while she was driving about a year ago. One of my stupid college jock tricks. And when she’s mad, she can out drive me on the fairway, dead center on the 250 yard marker. Bad temper! Any way, I will survive but I need her in my life Allan, help me”!

“I send her a red rose bud every Monday, but this week I sent her a dozen. Mark Smith said they went in the trash. Who sent the email that’s what I want to know, Allan”?

“Who is this A. May Riddle anyway”? “Not really sure, but I am checking with Blackie Riddle, do you remember him”? “Yes, if he’s from the lake and a cop, I know him, why did you ask him”? “He is the only Riddle I know; and this seems to be a real malicious riddle. Will you talk to her for me Allan, please”! Craig pleaded, with a grimacing look as he moved. “Still hurts Craig”? “Yes”.
“Ok where can I find her this weekend Craig”? “At the wedding reception over at Lakehouse it’s Selma, I can’t remember the last name.” “Selma Brown’s wedding, I have an invite, she’s a client of mine. I’ll pick you up here at 7 and well go talk to her Craig, in the mean time I would try some other flowers and maybe a bauble or two! You get in more messes with women than any guy I know.” Allan was shaking his head back and forth.
“Craig have you eaten lately” “No Allan, not hungry, well you’re going to eat something today, get dressed”. “Oh I don’t” “Get dressed, if Carla would see you looking like this it’ll only make things worse, cause you actually look guilty as hell right now”! “OK, give me a few minutes to shower”.

“Howard, just what did Samuel say that night at the Café”? Allan asked. “Then the fight did happen and she got that fake email I am assuming Craig called you”! “Yes, he’s getting cleaned up, she may be small, but packs a mean punch, I’m taking him to get some food, he looks like hell and not eating! Well, Howard did he say that”? “Yes Allan he did”! “


Emotions… We all have them.  We all have tempers, some low-key others of us are high-strung.  Or you could say we blow up, fly off the handle, quick-tempered.

Whatever temper level you are, you can probably related to the decimal point of what Carla’s temper was after reading this email she just received. Personally my temper might have gone off at a 9.0 earthquake.

You know the raging bull seeing the red cape.  The physical signs; cold hands  red face, flaring nostrils, clutched fists, sweating. Just to mention a few then there would be throwing things, pounding the table or punching the wall, and shouting of the foulest language.  That I will let you imagine and not print here.

Naturally you confront the person who has just shattered your world.   How would you react?

Craig has no clue why Carla sounds mad, but he does know she has a temper.  Stops what he is doing and goes to her…

He took the stairs 2 at a time, knocked on the door, which swung open to a red-faced Carla.

“What’s wrong Carla”? Craig asked softly reaching out to her. “THIS” she shoved the wadded up paper at his chest, Carla dropped down on the couch and folded her arms. “Is this all true Craig, did you break our deal and get on Jack again . . . did you spend the night with a hooker Craig”?

“Carla I admit to getting drunk, but Allan said I passed out and it was Marcus who shagged the hooker”.

“According to this A. May Riddle Samuel said you did, Mark S. comment is just ditto. What happened Craig, did you bonk her or not!” Carla screamed.

His mouth fell open, “Honest Carla I didn’t do this! I admit I got drunk but I passed out, I didn’t touch Hell Carla I didn’t even know she was there”!

Carla was shaking, stood up, frozen, arms straight at her side, her two fists clenched. He saw that look before, she was the furious, he didn’t know what to do, he reached out to her “Carla” was all he got out of his mouth  before she started to pound on his chest and slapped him across his face. Craig just stood there and let her use him for a punching bag. “I love you, I didn’t do it Carla”!

“I TRUSTED YOU!  IF YOU ARE LYING TO ME!  YOU BROKE OUR DEAL!  YOU BROKE YOUR  PROMISE GET OUT!  Carla flung the door open, hitting the wall, and slammed it shut after she pushed Craig out.


June 1st Email

It’s taken a few days to realize how and what to write about the coming events in Carla’s life.  Then I remembered this weekend is Downton Abbey “That’s perfect” I can relate the issues and it might help bridge the gap.

Downton Abbey is in the time of writing letters and patiently waiting for news of your family and events the new…Telegram arrives.  But as Mary and Cora discovery a gossip sent by the post written with a  poison-pen can be very harmful. Trying to get use to the new bell ringing and a voice coming across this thing that is called a Telephone… but oh how it speeds information coming to you.   How the Motor was able to rush them to the aid of family and help.  And the music coming from a Victrola… no need for a band to dance now.

Fast forward!  Today, we get news not in days, hours but literally in seconds.  We have TV, radio, telephones, cell phones, computers, email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, all there at our fingertips.  Push a button and within seconds the world is yours.   You can see or hear from anyone immediately.

Sometimes, we hear or get something that shatters our peaceful world.  It makes us cry, it makes us mad.  See what this email is that Carla just opened!

June and Selma’s wedding was approaching, and Carla had her new dress, she was excited to be able to show Craig off. She received an email not sure who it was a from, but, she opened it any way.

From: A. May Riddle Sent: 6/01 7:01 AM

Subject: Hilton Head Golf


BC: Carla Sharp
The Hilton Head yearly golf outing bummer, Craig J was the biggest winner of all won all bets, got case of Jack, stinko and pussy.
Allan S Stop lie, I won zilch

Samuel W CJ was BIG winner, yes he did!

Mark S. ditto what I overheard

Marcus O 🙂 duh?


JW Don’t spread this!

HA  LIES Who are you?

“Who is that” she opened it and read the words again “OH NO HE PROMISED,” she screamed, slammed the keyboard, hit print screen, reached for her cell phone and dialed Craig. Figures, voice mail, tapped her foot she hit 1 “Craig I need to talk to you in person NOW”!