June 1st Email

It’s taken a few days to realize how and what to write about the coming events in Carla’s life.  Then I remembered this weekend is Downton Abbey “That’s perfect” I can relate the issues and it might help bridge the gap.

Downton Abbey is in the time of writing letters and patiently waiting for news of your family and events the new…Telegram arrives.  But as Mary and Cora discovery a gossip sent by the post written with a  poison-pen can be very harmful. Trying to get use to the new bell ringing and a voice coming across this thing that is called a Telephone… but oh how it speeds information coming to you.   How the Motor was able to rush them to the aid of family and help.  And the music coming from a Victrola… no need for a band to dance now.

Fast forward!  Today, we get news not in days, hours but literally in seconds.  We have TV, radio, telephones, cell phones, computers, email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, all there at our fingertips.  Push a button and within seconds the world is yours.   You can see or hear from anyone immediately.

Sometimes, we hear or get something that shatters our peaceful world.  It makes us cry, it makes us mad.  See what this email is that Carla just opened!

June and Selma’s wedding was approaching, and Carla had her new dress, she was excited to be able to show Craig off. She received an email not sure who it was a from, but, she opened it any way.

From: A. May Riddle Sent: 6/01 7:01 AM

Subject: Hilton Head Golf


BC: Carla Sharp
The Hilton Head yearly golf outing bummer, Craig J was the biggest winner of all won all bets, got case of Jack, stinko and pussy.
Allan S Stop lie, I won zilch

Samuel W CJ was BIG winner, yes he did!

Mark S. ditto what I overheard

Marcus O 🙂 duh?


JW Don’t spread this!

HA  LIES Who are you?

“Who is that” she opened it and read the words again “OH NO HE PROMISED,” she screamed, slammed the keyboard, hit print screen, reached for her cell phone and dialed Craig. Figures, voice mail, tapped her foot she hit 1 “Craig I need to talk to you in person NOW”!

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