Emotions… We all have them.  We all have tempers, some low-key others of us are high-strung.  Or you could say we blow up, fly off the handle, quick-tempered.

Whatever temper level you are, you can probably related to the decimal point of what Carla’s temper was after reading this email she just received. Personally my temper might have gone off at a 9.0 earthquake.

You know the raging bull seeing the red cape.  The physical signs; cold hands  red face, flaring nostrils, clutched fists, sweating. Just to mention a few then there would be throwing things, pounding the table or punching the wall, and shouting of the foulest language.  That I will let you imagine and not print here.

Naturally you confront the person who has just shattered your world.   How would you react?

Craig has no clue why Carla sounds mad, but he does know she has a temper.  Stops what he is doing and goes to her…

He took the stairs 2 at a time, knocked on the door, which swung open to a red-faced Carla.

“What’s wrong Carla”? Craig asked softly reaching out to her. “THIS” she shoved the wadded up paper at his chest, Carla dropped down on the couch and folded her arms. “Is this all true Craig, did you break our deal and get on Jack again . . . did you spend the night with a hooker Craig”?

“Carla I admit to getting drunk, but Allan said I passed out and it was Marcus who shagged the hooker”.

“According to this A. May Riddle Samuel said you did, Mark S. comment is just ditto. What happened Craig, did you bonk her or not!” Carla screamed.

His mouth fell open, “Honest Carla I didn’t do this! I admit I got drunk but I passed out, I didn’t touch Hell Carla I didn’t even know she was there”!

Carla was shaking, stood up, frozen, arms straight at her side, her two fists clenched. He saw that look before, she was the furious, he didn’t know what to do, he reached out to her “Carla” was all he got out of his mouth  before she started to pound on his chest and slapped him across his face. Craig just stood there and let her use him for a punching bag. “I love you, I didn’t do it Carla”!

“I TRUSTED YOU!  IF YOU ARE LYING TO ME!  YOU BROKE OUR DEAL!  YOU BROKE YOUR  PROMISE GET OUT!  Carla flung the door open, hitting the wall, and slammed it shut after she pushed Craig out.


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