Friday Carla received a call from Allan Sullivan, she had no idea who he was and since it was at work, she assumed it was about business. “How can I help you Mr. Sullivan” “Please call me Allan, and it is a social call Carla not about business. I have some information for you, could you meet me after work at Calvin’s say 6”? She thought for a few minutes, “I don’t know”. “Please it’s important Carla” “Ok, how will I know you”? “Just ask the hostess, she’s my sister, tall red head.”

Carla was fashionably 10 minutes late, “Allan Sullivan’s table please.” As she entered the dining room she saw Samuel White but, didn’t recognize anyone else, she assumed the red head was Allan. “Miss Carla, how nice of you to come,” Samuel pulled out a chair for her. “Allan Sullivan, and
this is Marcus Orlofsky. Point blank fact is we are the others who where in the Hilton Head hotel room with Craig. Let’s order dinner and then we can start talking, is that ok with you Carla”? “Yes, thank you”?

Over a cocktail Marcus spoke first “I’m glad to finally meet you Carla, I only saw you from afar and now I know why Craig loves you. I’m the one who was with the hooker, not Craig, he is such a easy drunk 3 doubles and he was out he just can’t handle it like he use to”!

“I see, so how or should I say who started the lie”? She asked in a normal level, as she was trying to control her anger waiting for someone to answer her question. Allan spoke first, “Carla, I believe that would be Samuel, it wasn’t me, and Marcus has already confessed, Samuel we are waiting”!
“I did it, but I don’t know who sent the email. I guess my voice level was to loud and I was overheard by someone at the Café the other night.” Samuel hung his head, appearing to be ashamed.

Their dinner was served and the conversation changed to more pleasantry’s about golf, and the resort, Carla knew what they said matched what Craig had told her. “Thank you gentlemen, for your honesty and dinner. I hope to meet you all under better circumstances later.” she left.

That night Carla called Samuel’s cell number, “Hello Carla” she took a long breath before she spoke. “Samuel I just want to know why you lied, I thought you where such a good friend and you’re Craig’s attorney”! She waited for his answer, determined to get to the reason for his betrayal.

“Carla, this is one time I am ashamed to admit, I’m jealous of Craig his life is so perfect, his inheritance, the house, his passion and his love for you, Carla. Damn it I’m jealous as hell”! Samuel was screaming at her.

“Samuel you need to talk to Craig, maybe you should not be his attorney anymore” Carla suggested “please tell him what you have told me. I know him and I know how hurt he is that you have betrayed him”!

She had tears flowing down her cheeks as she hung up the phone, for the past 10 days she had cried herself to sleep, grabbing her pillow trying to muffler out the uncontrollable sobbing and heartbreak she felt. But tonight, the sleep wouldn’t come only tears, she washed her face, put on a pair of sweats, grabbed her purse, locked the door and started the car, 15 minutes later at Craig’s door.

Craig threw on a pair of sweat pants as he heard the knock on the door, turned on the light, opening the door he saw her, standing there with tears streaming down her face, her eyes swollen and red, he took her hand pulling her into his arms, and closed the door. “I’m sorry I hurt you, forgive me, I love you” Carla said softly. Craig held her in his arms, “Forgive me I love you so much Carla”, this night there was no stopping their passion.

That ticking time bomb exploded when their lips touched, that forgiving kiss, ignited their desire that a cold shower could not put out, all the built up passion. They become one with a each other again and again, just from the intensity of that first forgiving kiss all the hurt and anger was dissolved.

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