Real Love Found

For the next two weeks they stayed together, Carla worked but Craig was still on disability. Carla only ran home to pack up some clothes, for nothing else mattered to her now, but being with Craig, taking care of him.

They talked more than they ever, one night she made him smile when she put on her designer clothes. “My brand, my baby, my love. Help me into my designer clothes and we’ll coo together on my patio, I’ll cook”! Carla laughed, “What flavor of pizza do you want”? “Carla’s my favorite flavor”!

Carla agreed to house sitting the first of July for 2-weeks. Craig had a meeting and he didn’t want to leave the house naked since the house was finally complete and furnished for Craig’s permanent move. They needed a break from everyone and hoped this would help!

Craig had a prefect excuse to have Carla close, and Carla agreed “Perfect vacation location, rest and relaxation” is what she said. Carla got home from work; packing her new lingerie, bikinis, sundresses, and shorts at the last minute she decided to put in a couple full swimsuits. Throwing in the bottom of the other bag she put all the, shoes including, the new of heels for dancing new perfume and closed it up.

During the past month, she and Craig had admitted their feelings, had a terrible fight, committed the love for each other and lots of old fashion romance.  “I’m lonely with out him, miss him when he wasn’t in the office, melted in his arms dancing and every touch ignites my desire! When he makes love to me, oh how I just explode”!

Now it was clear to her that this man, who respected and treated her as a lady, was gentle, so kind was the man she wanted. “I am in love with Craig Jones.” “That my Carly is real love, your soul mate, that knight you have been looking for”!

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