What oh what to tell you about planning a vacation…

Do you need a travel agent or can you wing it on your own.  One week or two, paid or unpaid vacation time off from work.  Decisions to make, drive or fly.  And where in the heck do I want to go.    What clothes to pack.

We can spend hours, days or months planning our summer vacation. Maybe you want to just take a bunch of weekend get away.  Oh my will the weather cooperate!

A new relationship answered all the questions for Carla’s Summer vacation.  Two peaceful weeks at a lake, staying in a house she loved with the man she loved.  What could be better, nothing.  After the past month this was just what she needed.  The perfect vacation!

Just what will the next two weeks be like?  What wine will Carla find in the wine cellar, what romance will Craig surprise her with.  Could the sex get better?

Bikini or one piece to wear under her sundress was the only thing on Carla’s mind the first morning of her vacation.

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