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Craig’s Love

When God hands you lemons you make lemonade, right.

Sometimes that lemon is more like a big sour grapefruit and had to swallow.  That appears to be what has happened to Craig and Carla.  Pregnant and losing the baby before Carla even knew there was a baby.  She had been so happy and busy, she forgot to check her calendar.

One thing about this incident.  It brought Craig to reality and he realized his love for her was  real. . .

“Hi gorgeous, Now that we’re alone may I kiss you”? “Please” “I know now that I have to marry you. I love you so much Carla you had me scared. We actually made a baby”! Craig took her hand, kissed it and then kissed her lips and wiped away a few tears on Carla’s face.

“I know Craig, I’m sorry, the baby, I didn’t even know I was late. We are going to have to be more careful from here on, aren’t we”? Carla reached up to brush a stray hair from Craig’s face and met him with a kiss.

“Where do we go from here Carla, I think we had better start planning a wedding, where in the world would you like it to be” he asked her.

“Craig I don’t need a fancy wedding all I really need is you. I think I know the perfect place for the wedding and reception. When can I go home Craig, I want you to hold me”. They both had tears in their eyes at the thought of what would have been their first child.

Carla closed her eyes as the tears started to flow again, Craig sat there on the bed holding her tight, fighting back his own tears. “I know honey, we’ll have many more children I promise, and I love you. This was only a test run for us, we have only just begun” Craig whispered softly in her ear, gently rocking her to sleep until the nurses suggested he leave for the night around midnight.
Craig’s Devotion To Carla unrelenting. He only slept a couple of hours and started pacing at 4 AM drinking coffee and thinking. He checked his accounts and emails called the office and requested 2 weeks vacation, then he called his oldest and dearest friend, Allan Sullivan. After spilling his plan out and telling Allan he was able to calm down. “Thanks Allan, as always you know just what to say”.

“Craig keep me informed, Carla is the best thing to happen to you and for goodness sake, don’t screw this up again! I’m going to miss my flight, but I have to say this Craig, marry her now and get away from the gang”! “You always call the Corp Group a gang. But I’m starting to understand why”! “You should by now”! “Call me when you get back in the states, Allan”.

Craig didn’t know if the next call was appropriate or not but he dialed Fred “Craig, good morning is everything ok”? “No Fred it’s not; don’t know if I should be doing this or not, but Carla is in the hospital, hopefully I can take her home today”. “Thanks for letting me know Craig, I know you two are close, please call me with an update if she is unable to”. “I will Fred, thanks”.

At 9 AM, he called Mary Kate at the complex where Carla lived . . . explained all the details of his plan, “Yes of course Craig, just stop by and sign the lease”. Next he called his complex with his intend to move, filled up all his suitcases with his clothes and took them to the car, cleaned out the fridge and took out the trash, looked around, grabbed his laptop locking the door. Heading over to Carla’s, he stopped in Robertson’s Jewelers, “Glad you open so early, Mr. Robertson I need a special engagement ring”! picking out a more appropriate engagement ring for her. Ran into the apartment office, picked up a key and signed the lease and dropped off his clothes. He called Tim and Howard for their help in moving the rest of his stuff tomorrow. “Craig, I’m here if you or Carla need anything, if you get bored during her recovery time that would be the time for our talk . . . there are things you really need to know”! “Good idea, Howard I’ll be in touch after I get all this moving stuff done, promise”!

Good News and Bad News

This winter has been rough on all of us; there is this flu bug, oh wait there’s this other bug too!  Oh and the flu shot isn’t working.  What’s a person to do.  Well personally you end up with one or the other or both…  Some time’s it may not be the bug.

You know what that’s what Carla was going through right after the vacation.  Only she couldn’t shake it.  Craig’s out-of-town and they talk back and forth on their cell phones.  My what did we do before the cell phones?

Craig’s had a voice in his head that kept saying ‘she needs you my son’.  Then there is a plane crash at Blackston Lake one morning, that voice and crash sends him running back up to Carla.

Junior go home she needs you. Craig kept hearing this voice all day Monday and it was later in his deep sleep that he heard Listen to me Craig Augustus Jones the III Carla needs you go home you little shit. Get your lazy butt out of the sack and home now! “Dad” Craig said sitting straight up in bed. It was 4 AM, he jumped in the shower, packed up his clothes, called Fred “I have to get home something is wrong”! At 6, he stopped at the Starbucks, grabbing a donut and a Grande with double shot and headed up I-65 for home.

Carla was feeling stronger, she fixed a little cereal and tea, turning on the TV, it was 6:45 AM. “If this stays down I’ll go in the office today”. There was a special news bulletin on so she turned up the volume as she sipped her tea. The usual spiel about ‘just in’ and then “we have just received notice that a small aircraft has crashed into a lake somewhere in the southern part of the city, we will be breaking in with any further information as soon as we have news.”

Carla grabbed the phone and hit redial “Craig have you been listening to the news”? Carla asked cautiously, anxious for his reply. “Yes I just heard about a plane crashing in a lake south of the city. I am trying to reach Howard or Tim right now. There is only one lake south of the city. Carla, I’m coming home right now! Honey I’ll call you back as soon as I have any information.” Craig hung up and Carla sat there praying the news had the wrong direction.

“Please God let everyone survive this accident.” Carla paced around the apartment picking up this and that, fluffing pillows and waiting.

An hour later the phone rang, “Carla everyone in our little town is ok and the pilot was the only one on the plane, Howard said he was ok, had some big bumps and cut up a little. He ran out of gas, coasted in on a prayer, and aimed for the field on the south side of the lake. Want to take a ride? I’m coming straight to you, should be 45 minutes.” “Sure Craig I’ll be ready.”

“I won’t be in Fred” her breakfast was gone already, “What is wrong with me”?

As usual, Craig was almost on time, but Carla wasn’t, she opened the door, Craig saw her red eyes and a tear drop on her cheek. “Carla, are you ok, what’s wrong honey”? Craig pulled her close to him “You’re shaking Carla, tell me what is wrong”? Craig was not sure what happened and that is when he saw the blood. “Carla where did this blood come from, honey are you hurt”? “Craig all of a sudden I got a terrible pain, the room started to spin, I think I lost our baby” Carla collapsed in his arms.

Craig gently picked up Carla in his arms grabbed her purse and walked out the door locking it behind them. “Oh God please let Carla be ok she is my whole life now, God” he said softly as he shut her car door. The hospital was only two miles away; he pulled up to ER and ran in behind the orderly.

Craig called Allan he was crying “I don’t know what’s wrong” “Craig what hospital, Carpenter ER” “I’m on my way, strength and prayer Craig”. Craig started to pace that’s when he say Mary Kate “Craig, don’t know if you remember me”? “I do, you’re Mary Kate right”? “Yes, Roger, my cousin just called telling me something had happened to Carla”. “How did he know”? “Her gown Craig, the blood stain. What happened”? “She thinks she lost our baby”! Craig started to cry Mary Kate put an arm around him, and they sat there waiting for the doctor.

What Happened To Last Week

Have  you ever been there?

You have so much on your plate, what with work, social engagements, life in general that you completely lost a week or even two.  Then the fun begins as you’re trying to play catch up.  Sometimes it’s an action in the world that makes you stop and take a deep breath, realizing you have forgotten something important.  Maybe it’s the weather that stops you, or a health issue.  Shit happens.

Carla and Craig are just like you and I.  In their case, the boathouse remodel turns into a treasure hunt leading them to a house full of workers, and thousands of found cash leaving them in search of answers.    Regardless of the obstacles they faced, romance still blossoms.

Oh and add a tornado and search for more answers to Craig’s family.  But alas it is time to go back to work, vacation over…

Stay tuned, while I try to find the lost week myself and get back on pace.

Change of Plans

How many times do you make plans, only to have them changed at the last-minute.  Sometimes the weather changes, or maybe people just have to make changes.

Whatever it may be that’s what has happened to Carla’s House sitting Vacation at Craig’s Place.   Knowing that she had 2 weeks at a lake I can’t help but think of the leisurely things that was planned.

I know I would only have sun and swimming on my mind, along with running down the road smelling the pine trees.  There would be naps listening to the gentle waves hitting the seawall, or laying on the small sandy beach there in the cove, reading the latest hot novel.

Those plans changed right after she arrived thanks to their employer.  Craig’s trip is changed to a three-day conference. The first weekend however, was pure romance, as Craig provides so well and only cements their love further.

Craig and Carla explore the landscape at the estate, the jetty’s forming the cove and the boathouse is  finally opened to reveal wrought iron furniture needing refinishing and an old pier, which gives life to Carla’s creative mind as she suggests a sculpture and Adirondack chairs to use the old pier pieces.

The boathouse needs rebuilding and the mahogany boat Craig has is in dry dock.  However, the gardens are in need to attention.  So as Craig heads off for his conference Carla is in charge.

She explores the garden center; runs and swims, watching the two new men in her life.  Tim Smith who is Craig’s contractor and friend.  Then once again she meets Howard, this time it was much more pleasant.  Howard was going to clean up the iron furniture they had found and talk with Carla about the sculpture.

Carla even ventures into Awlsport, wanting more information about the town and Craig’s family, she questions Mrs. Smith at the Café.  Meeting the Mayor at breakfast, James Awls, who looks just like Howard.

Speaking of Howard, Carla runs into him just across the street from his studio and is invited in to see his work…