Change of Plans

How many times do you make plans, only to have them changed at the last-minute.  Sometimes the weather changes, or maybe people just have to make changes.

Whatever it may be that’s what has happened to Carla’s House sitting Vacation at Craig’s Place.   Knowing that she had 2 weeks at a lake I can’t help but think of the leisurely things that was planned.

I know I would only have sun and swimming on my mind, along with running down the road smelling the pine trees.  There would be naps listening to the gentle waves hitting the seawall, or laying on the small sandy beach there in the cove, reading the latest hot novel.

Those plans changed right after she arrived thanks to their employer.  Craig’s trip is changed to a three-day conference. The first weekend however, was pure romance, as Craig provides so well and only cements their love further.

Craig and Carla explore the landscape at the estate, the jetty’s forming the cove and the boathouse is  finally opened to reveal wrought iron furniture needing refinishing and an old pier, which gives life to Carla’s creative mind as she suggests a sculpture and Adirondack chairs to use the old pier pieces.

The boathouse needs rebuilding and the mahogany boat Craig has is in dry dock.  However, the gardens are in need to attention.  So as Craig heads off for his conference Carla is in charge.

She explores the garden center; runs and swims, watching the two new men in her life.  Tim Smith who is Craig’s contractor and friend.  Then once again she meets Howard, this time it was much more pleasant.  Howard was going to clean up the iron furniture they had found and talk with Carla about the sculpture.

Carla even ventures into Awlsport, wanting more information about the town and Craig’s family, she questions Mrs. Smith at the Café.  Meeting the Mayor at breakfast, James Awls, who looks just like Howard.

Speaking of Howard, Carla runs into him just across the street from his studio and is invited in to see his work…



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