Good News and Bad News

This winter has been rough on all of us; there is this flu bug, oh wait there’s this other bug too!  Oh and the flu shot isn’t working.  What’s a person to do.  Well personally you end up with one or the other or both…  Some time’s it may not be the bug.

You know what that’s what Carla was going through right after the vacation.  Only she couldn’t shake it.  Craig’s out-of-town and they talk back and forth on their cell phones.  My what did we do before the cell phones?

Craig’s had a voice in his head that kept saying ‘she needs you my son’.  Then there is a plane crash at Blackston Lake one morning, that voice and crash sends him running back up to Carla.

Junior go home she needs you. Craig kept hearing this voice all day Monday and it was later in his deep sleep that he heard Listen to me Craig Augustus Jones the III Carla needs you go home you little shit. Get your lazy butt out of the sack and home now! “Dad” Craig said sitting straight up in bed. It was 4 AM, he jumped in the shower, packed up his clothes, called Fred “I have to get home something is wrong”! At 6, he stopped at the Starbucks, grabbing a donut and a Grande with double shot and headed up I-65 for home.

Carla was feeling stronger, she fixed a little cereal and tea, turning on the TV, it was 6:45 AM. “If this stays down I’ll go in the office today”. There was a special news bulletin on so she turned up the volume as she sipped her tea. The usual spiel about ‘just in’ and then “we have just received notice that a small aircraft has crashed into a lake somewhere in the southern part of the city, we will be breaking in with any further information as soon as we have news.”

Carla grabbed the phone and hit redial “Craig have you been listening to the news”? Carla asked cautiously, anxious for his reply. “Yes I just heard about a plane crashing in a lake south of the city. I am trying to reach Howard or Tim right now. There is only one lake south of the city. Carla, I’m coming home right now! Honey I’ll call you back as soon as I have any information.” Craig hung up and Carla sat there praying the news had the wrong direction.

“Please God let everyone survive this accident.” Carla paced around the apartment picking up this and that, fluffing pillows and waiting.

An hour later the phone rang, “Carla everyone in our little town is ok and the pilot was the only one on the plane, Howard said he was ok, had some big bumps and cut up a little. He ran out of gas, coasted in on a prayer, and aimed for the field on the south side of the lake. Want to take a ride? I’m coming straight to you, should be 45 minutes.” “Sure Craig I’ll be ready.”

“I won’t be in Fred” her breakfast was gone already, “What is wrong with me”?

As usual, Craig was almost on time, but Carla wasn’t, she opened the door, Craig saw her red eyes and a tear drop on her cheek. “Carla, are you ok, what’s wrong honey”? Craig pulled her close to him “You’re shaking Carla, tell me what is wrong”? Craig was not sure what happened and that is when he saw the blood. “Carla where did this blood come from, honey are you hurt”? “Craig all of a sudden I got a terrible pain, the room started to spin, I think I lost our baby” Carla collapsed in his arms.

Craig gently picked up Carla in his arms grabbed her purse and walked out the door locking it behind them. “Oh God please let Carla be ok she is my whole life now, God” he said softly as he shut her car door. The hospital was only two miles away; he pulled up to ER and ran in behind the orderly.

Craig called Allan he was crying “I don’t know what’s wrong” “Craig what hospital, Carpenter ER” “I’m on my way, strength and prayer Craig”. Craig started to pace that’s when he say Mary Kate “Craig, don’t know if you remember me”? “I do, you’re Mary Kate right”? “Yes, Roger, my cousin just called telling me something had happened to Carla”. “How did he know”? “Her gown Craig, the blood stain. What happened”? “She thinks she lost our baby”! Craig started to cry Mary Kate put an arm around him, and they sat there waiting for the doctor.

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