Craig’s Love

When God hands you lemons you make lemonade, right.

Sometimes that lemon is more like a big sour grapefruit and had to swallow.  That appears to be what has happened to Craig and Carla.  Pregnant and losing the baby before Carla even knew there was a baby.  She had been so happy and busy, she forgot to check her calendar.

One thing about this incident.  It brought Craig to reality and he realized his love for her was  real. . .

“Hi gorgeous, Now that we’re alone may I kiss you”? “Please” “I know now that I have to marry you. I love you so much Carla you had me scared. We actually made a baby”! Craig took her hand, kissed it and then kissed her lips and wiped away a few tears on Carla’s face.

“I know Craig, I’m sorry, the baby, I didn’t even know I was late. We are going to have to be more careful from here on, aren’t we”? Carla reached up to brush a stray hair from Craig’s face and met him with a kiss.

“Where do we go from here Carla, I think we had better start planning a wedding, where in the world would you like it to be” he asked her.

“Craig I don’t need a fancy wedding all I really need is you. I think I know the perfect place for the wedding and reception. When can I go home Craig, I want you to hold me”. They both had tears in their eyes at the thought of what would have been their first child.

Carla closed her eyes as the tears started to flow again, Craig sat there on the bed holding her tight, fighting back his own tears. “I know honey, we’ll have many more children I promise, and I love you. This was only a test run for us, we have only just begun” Craig whispered softly in her ear, gently rocking her to sleep until the nurses suggested he leave for the night around midnight.
Craig’s Devotion To Carla unrelenting. He only slept a couple of hours and started pacing at 4 AM drinking coffee and thinking. He checked his accounts and emails called the office and requested 2 weeks vacation, then he called his oldest and dearest friend, Allan Sullivan. After spilling his plan out and telling Allan he was able to calm down. “Thanks Allan, as always you know just what to say”.

“Craig keep me informed, Carla is the best thing to happen to you and for goodness sake, don’t screw this up again! I’m going to miss my flight, but I have to say this Craig, marry her now and get away from the gang”! “You always call the Corp Group a gang. But I’m starting to understand why”! “You should by now”! “Call me when you get back in the states, Allan”.

Craig didn’t know if the next call was appropriate or not but he dialed Fred “Craig, good morning is everything ok”? “No Fred it’s not; don’t know if I should be doing this or not, but Carla is in the hospital, hopefully I can take her home today”. “Thanks for letting me know Craig, I know you two are close, please call me with an update if she is unable to”. “I will Fred, thanks”.

At 9 AM, he called Mary Kate at the complex where Carla lived . . . explained all the details of his plan, “Yes of course Craig, just stop by and sign the lease”. Next he called his complex with his intend to move, filled up all his suitcases with his clothes and took them to the car, cleaned out the fridge and took out the trash, looked around, grabbed his laptop locking the door. Heading over to Carla’s, he stopped in Robertson’s Jewelers, “Glad you open so early, Mr. Robertson I need a special engagement ring”! picking out a more appropriate engagement ring for her. Ran into the apartment office, picked up a key and signed the lease and dropped off his clothes. He called Tim and Howard for their help in moving the rest of his stuff tomorrow. “Craig, I’m here if you or Carla need anything, if you get bored during her recovery time that would be the time for our talk . . . there are things you really need to know”! “Good idea, Howard I’ll be in touch after I get all this moving stuff done, promise”!

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