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A Day Full Of Surprises

Craig and Carla have the day planned out, she’s going shopping with Paula Smith.  Craig had a Coin Collector, Mark and Samuel coming to the apartment.  His main plan was one of mainly selling the old worn out coins , bills and mason jars.  Craig’s other plan was to learn how truthful his friends really were.  Carla’s only plan was to keep the rough cut diamonds safe.

Shopping brought Carla the first surprise; an adult toy store.  The embarrassment was more than she expected.  One mistaken conversation caught Carla off guard, but intrigued Paula, who dragged Carla to a dive of a bar. The bartender knew Paula and Paula knew her way around there quite well. Paula kept ordering Amaretto Sours, and she was always way ahead of Carla in drinking them. The more she drank the more info she wanted about Craig.   Carla thought, who is this women I’m sitting with?

Meanwhile, Craig has Mark and Samuel in the apartment, he’s explained what they are doing just as Mr. Willson arrives.  Craig gets everything in front of Mr. Willson and asked Samuel to follow him to the bedroom, asking questions leaving Mark with Mr. Willson.  “Samuel what do you think should I take a buyout on the spot?”  Samuel asked “Craig I thought there was more than that?”  “There in the closet, I’m testing the waters.”

Mr. Willson makes the offer to buy everything right now, transfer money on the phone now.  Again Craig asked Samuel for advice, “Mr. Willson is supposed to be the best in town. Personally I would take the money and run.  You could make it a gift to your bride, boost up that IRA or have a great honeymoon Craig.  Besides do you want this just lying around?”

Craig’s wheels were turning… He already knew what he was going to do, “Mr. Willson, I accept your offer.”  The process was all handled over the landline phone there in Carla’s apartment.  Mr. Willson said “I will be talking to you again I hope Mr. Jones it has been a pleasure.”

The little cash box Craig alluded to was taken over to Samuel, while Mark is left in the apartment to clean up…   The girls come back and the two couples go out for a celebration dinner.  One phone call from Samuel, was the 2nd surprise “Mr. Willson has been arrested for theft, leaving the apartment…”  Craig’s mind is racing, how, what, he’s revealed the info from the call to Mark and his fears.  “Craig I’ll pick up the bill tonight.”  Craig coughed to cover his surprise and called the bank and freezing the account as Mark gave him the thumbs up and went back to the table.

Now What?

Just what was in those old mattresses?

Carla is back to her old self… Craig is opening up all these jars of coins and metal cash boxes.  The apartment must be a real mess.  [Speaking from the voice of experience.]

Just what have they found… Try a Morgan Silver Dollar, Austrian coins, Francs, clean bundles of dollar bills from the 30’s, red seal dollars, silver certificates and silver blanks.  This on top of rolls and rolls of old worn out coins and paper bills. There also was some stock certificates and many mason jars of various sizes and colors.  Plus the old metal boxes and plain jars.

“Oh, have you got a safety deposit box at your bank to store this in? If not I suggest you get over to the bank today and get one. This probably isn’t the safest place to keep this,” Carla said in that gentle voice she used to nudge him.
Craig was looking at her with his head cocked a little and that wrinkled brow, as he was thinking about what she had just said. “Carla, I have an errand to run, be right back, I’ll pick up dinner”.

“You realize we have been at this for a total of 3 ½ days now, are we close to finalizing this soon Craig” as she handed him his coffee. “Actually I think we are almost there, I called my financial adviser this morning, just waiting for a call back. Samuel called and he has a collector lined up for tomorrow at 1.”

“How did Samuel end up in this, I thought you didn’t call him Craig”? “I didn’t, Mark did”! “How did Mark find out Craig, did you tell him”? “I might have, well if he knew I must have”! “He has a collector or buyer set to look at this and well, he’s offered to help Carla.” “Just be careful Craig, remember what Mr. Vanderbilt advised you”. “I will honey. We’re taking all this good stuff to the bank tomorrow morning”!

“Remember our conversation in the car the other day, you said to kick you hard if you forgot, I need you to be standing for our wedding”! “I know, I’ll be careful, I have a ‘test’ plan simmering in my gray matter right now”. “OK”

What Are Friends For

Well, I really did leave you hanging on my last words, sorry, but I am back and ready to update you all on Craig and Carla’s love.

Yes, she said again to his proposal complete with the engagement ring, but things were put on hold due to a drug interaction…  Craig was there 24/7 caring for her and when he needed to leave it was Mary Kate to the rescue.

Now that’s what friends really are, right? No matter what, just like family.  Sometime we say just one word or see something and it all gets blown out of proportion.  We try to explain but sometime that makes things worse, so we apologize and grow from the experience thinking “Won’t say that again or things aren’t always what they appear to be.”

Craig has suddenly learned that his best friend is really not.  Mark’s jealousy has now placed him in the same category as Samuel – history.  But, how to cut the apron strings from the relationship is the hard choice Craig has to make.  Craig’s true friends, Howard and Allan advise him and are always there for him; he is now officially living with Carla and at Craig’s Place thanks to Tim and Howard’s help.

Craig makes all the plans for the wedding, and in the mean time Carla improves.  But, he makes a slip up and asked Mark and Paula to stand up for them in Vegas.  In the mean time after talking with the doctor Craig brings the mattress treasure to the apartment, so Carla will have something interesting while she recuperated.

Marry Me Carla

So to leave you all hanging… Craig made a commentment to Carla.

“We’re home, Carla” was ordered to bed by the doctor. “I really liked Dr. Messersmith Craig, did you”? Carla asked as they walked in her apartment, glad to be home again. “Yes”
“I’d like some tea would you put on the water please.” “You my lady are going back to bed, after I fix you some tea, anything else, would you like to eat something”? “No, just tea”. “We have some talking to do while I am here. By the way Carla I am not working the next two weeks” he said as he set down her tea.

Craig took the chair next to her, took her hand and looked Carla in the eyes. “I have come to a decision and I want you to hear me out completely before you speak, promise” Carla smiled, sipping her tea “Yes I won’t interrupt you”.

“You are the love of my life, my family and I don’t want to loose you in anyway or to anyone! I pray you feel the same way as I do” he grabbed a glass of water. “You and I, know each other, work together and became friends, we started to deepen our friendship over months of working at the house. All the talking, enjoying each other as friends, all the food we ate and the wine”, he smiled patting his stomach “The feelings we have are so deep and real”.

Carla smiled and touched his hand, pointed to her cup and the teakettle. She was enjoying every word and treasuring all he was saying to her, because, she had wanted to say the same thing to him. He filled her cup and sat back down, “You could have asked for more tea you know” she shook her head.

“Anyway where was I, oh yes our budding relationship. Working side by side I remained a gentlemen, I honestly was afraid of rejection, I thought it was to soon for me to become seriously involved. Then you agreed to start staying in your own room, I was thrilled and my lady I have never taken so many cold showers in my life, thank goodness the weather was warming up.” He smiled.

“Oh and that first time we decided to go jump in the lake to cool off I knew I was headed for a fall, remember how I ran past you and did the cannon ball jump in front of you, I did that on purpose so that I could watch you dive in the water. You are so beautiful and graceful,” he cleared his throat. “Our branding session I think told both of us that we wanted the same thing”.
Carla shook her head, giggled and smiled, she remembered that dive very well, and she had planned it that way, but, the branding was a spur of the moment she knew then she was already in love.

“I know I gave you a ring, my grandmother’s. But it isn’t as special as this one.” He reached in his pocket and took out a small red box, opened it and put the ring on Carla’s finger, he went down on one knee, “Please marry me Carla, I love you more than life itself” he kissed her hand, looking into her eyes he saw the tears and her beautiful smile.

“You Craig are my knight, no one else has my heart only you will be my love forever. Yes I will marry you tomorrow.” They stood up, embraced for what seemed like forever. “Enough my lady, now please sit and let me finish”.