What Are Friends For

Well, I really did leave you hanging on my last words, sorry, but I am back and ready to update you all on Craig and Carla’s love.

Yes, she said again to his proposal complete with the engagement ring, but things were put on hold due to a drug interaction…  Craig was there 24/7 caring for her and when he needed to leave it was Mary Kate to the rescue.

Now that’s what friends really are, right? No matter what, just like family.  Sometime we say just one word or see something and it all gets blown out of proportion.  We try to explain but sometime that makes things worse, so we apologize and grow from the experience thinking “Won’t say that again or things aren’t always what they appear to be.”

Craig has suddenly learned that his best friend is really not.  Mark’s jealousy has now placed him in the same category as Samuel – history.  But, how to cut the apron strings from the relationship is the hard choice Craig has to make.  Craig’s true friends, Howard and Allan advise him and are always there for him; he is now officially living with Carla and at Craig’s Place thanks to Tim and Howard’s help.

Craig makes all the plans for the wedding, and in the mean time Carla improves.  But, he makes a slip up and asked Mark and Paula to stand up for them in Vegas.  In the mean time after talking with the doctor Craig brings the mattress treasure to the apartment, so Carla will have something interesting while she recuperated.

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