Just what was in those old mattresses?

Carla is back to her old self… Craig is opening up all these jars of coins and metal cash boxes.  The apartment must be a real mess.  [Speaking from the voice of experience.]

Just what have they found… Try a Morgan Silver Dollar, Austrian coins, Francs, clean bundles of dollar bills from the 30’s, red seal dollars, silver certificates and silver blanks.  This on top of rolls and rolls of old worn out coins and paper bills. There also was some stock certificates and many mason jars of various sizes and colors.  Plus the old metal boxes and plain jars.

“Oh, have you got a safety deposit box at your bank to store this in? If not I suggest you get over to the bank today and get one. This probably isn’t the safest place to keep this,” Carla said in that gentle voice she used to nudge him.
Craig was looking at her with his head cocked a little and that wrinkled brow, as he was thinking about what she had just said. “Carla, I have an errand to run, be right back, I’ll pick up dinner”.

“You realize we have been at this for a total of 3 ½ days now, are we close to finalizing this soon Craig” as she handed him his coffee. “Actually I think we are almost there, I called my financial adviser this morning, just waiting for a call back. Samuel called and he has a collector lined up for tomorrow at 1.”

“How did Samuel end up in this, I thought you didn’t call him Craig”? “I didn’t, Mark did”! “How did Mark find out Craig, did you tell him”? “I might have, well if he knew I must have”! “He has a collector or buyer set to look at this and well, he’s offered to help Carla.” “Just be careful Craig, remember what Mr. Vanderbilt advised you”. “I will honey. We’re taking all this good stuff to the bank tomorrow morning”!

“Remember our conversation in the car the other day, you said to kick you hard if you forgot, I need you to be standing for our wedding”! “I know, I’ll be careful, I have a ‘test’ plan simmering in my gray matter right now”. “OK”

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