A Day Full Of Surprises

Craig and Carla have the day planned out, she’s going shopping with Paula Smith.  Craig had a Coin Collector, Mark and Samuel coming to the apartment.  His main plan was one of mainly selling the old worn out coins , bills and mason jars.  Craig’s other plan was to learn how truthful his friends really were.  Carla’s only plan was to keep the rough cut diamonds safe.

Shopping brought Carla the first surprise; an adult toy store.  The embarrassment was more than she expected.  One mistaken conversation caught Carla off guard, but intrigued Paula, who dragged Carla to a dive of a bar. The bartender knew Paula and Paula knew her way around there quite well. Paula kept ordering Amaretto Sours, and she was always way ahead of Carla in drinking them. The more she drank the more info she wanted about Craig.   Carla thought, who is this women I’m sitting with?

Meanwhile, Craig has Mark and Samuel in the apartment, he’s explained what they are doing just as Mr. Willson arrives.  Craig gets everything in front of Mr. Willson and asked Samuel to follow him to the bedroom, asking questions leaving Mark with Mr. Willson.  “Samuel what do you think should I take a buyout on the spot?”  Samuel asked “Craig I thought there was more than that?”  “There in the closet, I’m testing the waters.”

Mr. Willson makes the offer to buy everything right now, transfer money on the phone now.  Again Craig asked Samuel for advice, “Mr. Willson is supposed to be the best in town. Personally I would take the money and run.  You could make it a gift to your bride, boost up that IRA or have a great honeymoon Craig.  Besides do you want this just lying around?”

Craig’s wheels were turning… He already knew what he was going to do, “Mr. Willson, I accept your offer.”  The process was all handled over the landline phone there in Carla’s apartment.  Mr. Willson said “I will be talking to you again I hope Mr. Jones it has been a pleasure.”

The little cash box Craig alluded to was taken over to Samuel, while Mark is left in the apartment to clean up…   The girls come back and the two couples go out for a celebration dinner.  One phone call from Samuel, was the 2nd surprise “Mr. Willson has been arrested for theft, leaving the apartment…”  Craig’s mind is racing, how, what, he’s revealed the info from the call to Mark and his fears.  “Craig I’ll pick up the bill tonight.”  Craig coughed to cover his surprise and called the bank and freezing the account as Mark gave him the thumbs up and went back to the table.

Now What?

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