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Craig Jones, has some distinctive traits, when he is thinking he gets a deep furrowed frown on his forehead.  Carla has discovered it takes some serious talking and inspiration to get rid of it.

Carla said as she turned in her seat to look at Craig. “Please smile, you have had a frown on your forehead all morning, it was gone at the jewelers now its back, Craig. You know we did nothing wrong, so why don’t you seem relieved”?

He said softly “Honey it’s just the timing of this, I should have never brought that stuff over to your place, I mean our place. I just wanted my beautiful smart intelligent Carla back and I knew all of that treasure would help. I had no idea it would get us involved in a big theft ring. Did Detective Black give you all the details”?

“No Craig, and it doesn’t matter, today we got things cleared up. No one was hurt, so what is up? Talk to me you know married people do that and we are almost married”? Carla reached over and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Craig is this about the missing 2 diamonds? You think Mark did take them and that’s why the frown is back, am I right”?  “Yes, damn it I’ve told him stuff I’ve never told any other person, now I find out I can’t trust him about anything”!


The current news events, primarily the tornadoes have brought back memories and I cannot help but think about how lucky I was…

I have been through a few tornadoes or twisters in my lifetime. Growing up I do not remember how we would find out about the warnings and watches except on TV or radio. Luckily, Father was a private pilot he knew the sky and what each cloud was and meant. There was Grandmother who had Arthur and the rumors. I later found out his real name was arthritis and that rumor was actually rheumatism. Grandmother’s body always told her when the weather was getting worse.

Our shelter was the basement, which we would spend hours in this one specific corner where father told us to go. Grandmother had a root cellar where they went or to their basement. During the Palm Sunday Tornado in the 60’s it was warm out, the sky-changed color, and were all ordered to the basement.

There have been a few other experiences with these wind storms; I saw a waterspout form way out on Lake Michigan. The first bad weather driving experience was going through some open farm land areas and saw a few dust devils going through the fields, uprooting trees; the wind so strong it was hard to control the car. Here I am a 17-year-old teenage driver, scared to death… I remember just stopping the car and sat there praying until the storm passed unharmed.

I drove through a few straight-line windstorms when I was older living on my own.  I had my beau’s car; power lines down everywhere, a tree fell in front of the car as I slammed on the brakes, put the car in reverse and drove like crazy to get to his garage, got out of the car just as a tree fell behind it.  Good news I survived, got a long lecture and his car only had a few scratches.

Going home driving through down the country roads and open farmland one warm, muggy Sunday it was easy to see the dark clouds out to the west.  A few spouts form in the cloud; in that typical skinny funnel shape. They would drop down and disappeared in minutes running across the fields.  Making for some anxious moments until I reached home, only to find out the tornadoes had hit several of the little towns I had been near.

In the past couple years I have had to repair storm damage; once from a confirmed tornado and the other times just very strong winds.  I can honestly say there is a roaring sound just before it hits; sometimes hail and a thunderstorm are present just before.

However, now we have warnings and watches, radar, NOAA weather radios, and weather spotters. You can get info on your computers, TV, radio, Twitter, Facebook, cell phone, and the wonderful sirens. There is also the lore “Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning”.  This quote actually comes from the Bible verse Matthew 16:2-3. “When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.’ And in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, buy you cannot interpret the signs of the times.”

When the sky changes color and clouds darken, I keep my eyes looking upward and not just to the west.  I do a 360 at the whole sky, say a pray, and pay attention to grandmother’s friend Arthur too!

The word tornado is Spanish for thunderstorm: yes, I read Wikipedia.

Rough Cut Diamonds Answer

The rough cut diamonds are safe, except for the ones that were in the vase on the table.  The nasty Police situation turned out not to be so bad.

“Thank you Detective Black, I started doing that last night when I heard the news.” Craig shook his hand having the feeling he somehow knew the man.

“Jewelers here we come!”  “Craig do you think Mark knew what was in that vase”? “No, you and I know from our research I honestly don’t think he had a clue. If he did he only took 1 from what I remembered counting.” “Craig I only left 2 in the vase”! “We’re here, let’s see Mr. Robertson”.

“Mr. Jones so nice to see you, and I bet your Mrs. Jones”? “Not yet, I will be next week. I love my ring”! “Craig what can I help you with today”? “These” Carla pulled out the baggie from her purse and gave the diamonds to Mr. Robertson. “WHOA”! he took them to a piece of jewelers cloth and emptied the bag, put on his Jeweler’s Loupe and examined the stones. “Where did you get these Craig”?

“You’re probably not going to believe this, bottle of Dom Perignon 1943”. “Really, was the champagne” Craig cut him off “Nope pure panther piss, I mean vinegar”! “Well I’m assuming they where smuggled in the bottle, but from where we’ll never know, unless you kept the bottle and it had a distinguishing mark on it” “We checked it seemed just like the others we have”. “So what do you want to do with this little fortune Craig”?

“You know there was a guy in here earlier today, said he found them in this stuff” Mr. Robertson should them the glass marbles used in vases. “Oh, hum, so how much was his worth”? “Only a couple thousand, he didn’t want to sell it”. “What are the odds of this happening twice in a lifetime, let alone hours apart? Think I should hit the casino today”! Mr. Robertson said smiling.


Sunday Morning Excitement

Can you imagine waking up at 8 on a Sunday morning to a phone call from the police.

What do you say?  You know you’ve not done anything wrong; your fiancé hasn’t done anything wrong except; trust his lawyer and sell some of his property to a coin dealer who turned out to be a thief.  That’s the situation Carla is facing.

She answers all of Detective Black’s questions as best she can; she looks to Craig for support, which he gives her “You’re doing fine honey” and puts his arm around her.  His phone call was done, he wished there was an extension he could listen on, he felt helpless.

“Well  Detective Black said all they need from us is a positive ID of this Mr. Willson and our fingerprints to verify those coins were our  … So looks like we’re going downtown this morning.

“Oh Shit, the diamonds, where’s the vase with the diamonds Carla?  Mark was in here along for about half an hour yesterday.”  “Right here oh Craig it’s not here, has the trash man came yet>:  They start looking everywhere, “Carla here’s the vase in the kitchen trash.”

“Craig stop”  Carla went to the pantry, pulled out the sugar container, scooped out the small container and put the baggie in Craig’s hand…

“Shoo, these are going to the jewelers today!”

Craig Explains Samuel’s Call

The evening ended early, seemed Paula had a bad headache starting and wanted to go home. Mark limped out of the restaurant after paying the bill. Carla and Craig stayed for some more dancing before heading home.

Entering the apartment Craig turned on the kitchen light and started the teakettle to make a few cups of coffee. “Carla we need to talk about the phone call I received earlier, and we need to be serious about it. Coffee will be ready in a few minutes. Are you ok; you and Paula were a few drinks ahead of us”?

“I know I am going to hit the shower, be right back” Carla said. Five minutes later she was wrapped in her robe “Ok Craig, where’s my coffee I’m alert, what’s wrong, you sound serious”! she gave him a big hug and kiss.

“What’s with that”? “Just wanted to say I’m proud of you for sticking with our deal tonight.” “Oh, it’s taking a while to get use to the different taste, but you’re worth every swallow.” “You didn’t pay tonight”! “That’s what we’re going to talk about”!

Craig explained all about Mr. Willson, Mark and Samuel’s meeting and military strategy test; as well as the reason for the call from Samuel earlier. “Ok so the major bulk of the valuable things are in a safe, and what you sold to Mr. Willson was all the worn money and the mason jars, right”?   Carla let out a little sigh sipped some coffee “So you went with your gut feeling, Mark and Samuel agreed and helped you with this test. Craig it appears your gut feeling was right”.

Craig sipped more coffee “Samuel’s call was to warn me. The $2,020.00 transfer was done from your phone, I had to warn the bank to flag my account, I probably should alert my credit cards also. The police will be involved because of the transfer happening from your apartment. Even though Samuel said he had checked this guy out, you know I no longer have any trust level with Samuel. I am so sorry, Carla” he said reaching for her hand.

“How can I help you Craig? My account is not in jeopardy so don’t worry, we’ll be ok”.