Craig Explains Samuel’s Call

The evening ended early, seemed Paula had a bad headache starting and wanted to go home. Mark limped out of the restaurant after paying the bill. Carla and Craig stayed for some more dancing before heading home.

Entering the apartment Craig turned on the kitchen light and started the teakettle to make a few cups of coffee. “Carla we need to talk about the phone call I received earlier, and we need to be serious about it. Coffee will be ready in a few minutes. Are you ok; you and Paula were a few drinks ahead of us”?

“I know I am going to hit the shower, be right back” Carla said. Five minutes later she was wrapped in her robe “Ok Craig, where’s my coffee I’m alert, what’s wrong, you sound serious”! she gave him a big hug and kiss.

“What’s with that”? “Just wanted to say I’m proud of you for sticking with our deal tonight.” “Oh, it’s taking a while to get use to the different taste, but you’re worth every swallow.” “You didn’t pay tonight”! “That’s what we’re going to talk about”!

Craig explained all about Mr. Willson, Mark and Samuel’s meeting and military strategy test; as well as the reason for the call from Samuel earlier. “Ok so the major bulk of the valuable things are in a safe, and what you sold to Mr. Willson was all the worn money and the mason jars, right”?   Carla let out a little sigh sipped some coffee “So you went with your gut feeling, Mark and Samuel agreed and helped you with this test. Craig it appears your gut feeling was right”.

Craig sipped more coffee “Samuel’s call was to warn me. The $2,020.00 transfer was done from your phone, I had to warn the bank to flag my account, I probably should alert my credit cards also. The police will be involved because of the transfer happening from your apartment. Even though Samuel said he had checked this guy out, you know I no longer have any trust level with Samuel. I am so sorry, Carla” he said reaching for her hand.

“How can I help you Craig? My account is not in jeopardy so don’t worry, we’ll be ok”.

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