Sunday Morning Excitement

Can you imagine waking up at 8 on a Sunday morning to a phone call from the police.

What do you say?  You know you’ve not done anything wrong; your fiancé hasn’t done anything wrong except; trust his lawyer and sell some of his property to a coin dealer who turned out to be a thief.  That’s the situation Carla is facing.

She answers all of Detective Black’s questions as best she can; she looks to Craig for support, which he gives her “You’re doing fine honey” and puts his arm around her.  His phone call was done, he wished there was an extension he could listen on, he felt helpless.

“Well  Detective Black said all they need from us is a positive ID of this Mr. Willson and our fingerprints to verify those coins were our  … So looks like we’re going downtown this morning.

“Oh Shit, the diamonds, where’s the vase with the diamonds Carla?  Mark was in here along for about half an hour yesterday.”  “Right here oh Craig it’s not here, has the trash man came yet>:  They start looking everywhere, “Carla here’s the vase in the kitchen trash.”

“Craig stop”  Carla went to the pantry, pulled out the sugar container, scooped out the small container and put the baggie in Craig’s hand…

“Shoo, these are going to the jewelers today!”

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