Rough Cut Diamonds Answer

The rough cut diamonds are safe, except for the ones that were in the vase on the table.  The nasty Police situation turned out not to be so bad.

“Thank you Detective Black, I started doing that last night when I heard the news.” Craig shook his hand having the feeling he somehow knew the man.

“Jewelers here we come!”  “Craig do you think Mark knew what was in that vase”? “No, you and I know from our research I honestly don’t think he had a clue. If he did he only took 1 from what I remembered counting.” “Craig I only left 2 in the vase”! “We’re here, let’s see Mr. Robertson”.

“Mr. Jones so nice to see you, and I bet your Mrs. Jones”? “Not yet, I will be next week. I love my ring”! “Craig what can I help you with today”? “These” Carla pulled out the baggie from her purse and gave the diamonds to Mr. Robertson. “WHOA”! he took them to a piece of jewelers cloth and emptied the bag, put on his Jeweler’s Loupe and examined the stones. “Where did you get these Craig”?

“You’re probably not going to believe this, bottle of Dom Perignon 1943”. “Really, was the champagne” Craig cut him off “Nope pure panther piss, I mean vinegar”! “Well I’m assuming they where smuggled in the bottle, but from where we’ll never know, unless you kept the bottle and it had a distinguishing mark on it” “We checked it seemed just like the others we have”. “So what do you want to do with this little fortune Craig”?

“You know there was a guy in here earlier today, said he found them in this stuff” Mr. Robertson should them the glass marbles used in vases. “Oh, hum, so how much was his worth”? “Only a couple thousand, he didn’t want to sell it”. “What are the odds of this happening twice in a lifetime, let alone hours apart? Think I should hit the casino today”! Mr. Robertson said smiling.


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