Craig Jones, has some distinctive traits, when he is thinking he gets a deep furrowed frown on his forehead.  Carla has discovered it takes some serious talking and inspiration to get rid of it.

Carla said as she turned in her seat to look at Craig. “Please smile, you have had a frown on your forehead all morning, it was gone at the jewelers now its back, Craig. You know we did nothing wrong, so why don’t you seem relieved”?

He said softly “Honey it’s just the timing of this, I should have never brought that stuff over to your place, I mean our place. I just wanted my beautiful smart intelligent Carla back and I knew all of that treasure would help. I had no idea it would get us involved in a big theft ring. Did Detective Black give you all the details”?

“No Craig, and it doesn’t matter, today we got things cleared up. No one was hurt, so what is up? Talk to me you know married people do that and we are almost married”? Carla reached over and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Craig is this about the missing 2 diamonds? You think Mark did take them and that’s why the frown is back, am I right”?  “Yes, damn it I’ve told him stuff I’ve never told any other person, now I find out I can’t trust him about anything”!

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