Ever have one of those days; your plans are suddenly changed and you’re going in the opposite direction.  That’s my day so far, and it sort of fits in the story line of Craig and Carla’s day.

The couple is having brunch at the Awlsport Café and Mrs. Smith see them and of course she spies Carla’s new engagement ring.  Craig tells her about the plans for the wedding and that they want to have the reception at the Café.   “But today we needed a break from a rough week and to talk to you about our plans for our reception.”

“Hum I have an idea… Michael will be bringing out samples of our reception food.  I’ll be back as soon as I can.”  Mrs. Smith dashes off to the kitchen talking to Michael.

In the mean time, between eating their brunch and samples of food, Michael the waiter is constantly filing up the champagne glasses.  Craig explains all of the new job information with Carla and about the rumors of their employer Standard being in trouble.  “FYI the next 3 weeks I’m on vacation, taking it while I can,” Craig answered Carla “Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Craig things happen and we can’t always be in control…  Oh just so you know I had my attorney write me a check this morning so we will have cash for our trip.”  Carla smiled and kissed him.

“I thought of some thing I would really like to do for our honeymoon.”  “What’s that Carla?”    “Walk in the Atlantic at sunrise and the Gulf of Mexico and sunset.”   “That sounds like we have to go to the Keys.”    “Can we do that Craig…”  “You want sunrise – sunset you shall have it.”

This food is great; I want all of it at the party Mrs. S. How is your catering and ballroom calendar look for the last Saturday of August,” Carla asked. “It so happens that day is free, so I am able to do your party. Michael, will you please bring us another bottle of champagne please” Mrs. Smith said.

“No Mrs. S we don’t need more champagne” Craig said. “I think we have had plenty already today.” “Nonsense Mr. Craig, this is a very special occasion and we must celebrate it properly, it’s not every day one of our wonderful Awlsport young men becomes successful, wealthy and marries the prettiest girl in town. But Craig, the best part is you’re coming back to make Awlsport your home, am I right?”  Mrs. S asked.

“Yes, Carla and I will be making Awlsport our home,” he said. “That means we have to celebrate right?” Carla asked, as she was the first to raise her glass “to Awlsport”. How does this women know so much or is she guessing?  And Michael I feel like I’m seeing double ! He could be Craig’s double!  “Michael coffee please”!

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