Their brunch and receptions tastings were complete but the table kept enlarging with Craig’s friends.  Tim, Mark, Joey and their wives.  “Looks like there’s a party going on here” Joey said sitting down to a glass of champagne.  “To my best friends and newest employees! Oh I forgot Craig and Carla’s marriage… ”

Suddenly Detective Black and Howard were standing at their table “See Blackie I told you there was a rowdy bunch over here…”

Craig, and Mark finally recognized Blackie, a childhood friend and former Marine…

“Semper Fi its Blackie!”    All the men gathered at the bar for a shot of Jack Daniels and a gathering had begun.  Carla asked Howard what was going on and how so many people knew about their being here and the marriage.

“Guilty, I can never pass up a chance for a party and this definitely is one for the books.  I was on the phone for an hour but I got tem all.”  Mrs. S said shrugging her shoulders, sipped from her glass and gave everyone a kiss and hug.  “I don’t care’ I have all my Awlsport boys in one room now!  Champagne for everyone and it’s on the house.”

“Carla, tonight we have a reunion of sorts and before the night is over you will understand what I’m saying, oh so much later!  By the way, I’m not drinking tonight, so I’m your ride home.”  Howard smile as he tipped his glass of coke to Carla’s champagne, rejoining the other men.

You’ll have to wait or read on from page 230 what happens next…

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