Now What?

How many of us can remember back to our 20’s when we would party all night and wake up in a hazy.  A strange house and hung over?

Guilty, how else would I be able to come up with this story line.  Remembering a few gatherings that ended up with some sleep overs, it sounded like an idea that would work.  Imagine 7 buddies that grew up together and went to the same university and ended up in the Marines  together.  (Personally seen a few of those parties in my lifetime.)  So I just used some experiences to add a reunion for Craig and his buddies.  The trick was keeping him in line with the agreement he made with Carla about not drinking any more Jack Daniels.

So do you think Craig will get out of control on Jack Daniels again.  Will the other buddies end up blasted on Jack Daniels too.  How are the going to get up for work…  The ladies are all drinking as well… Craig and Carla have been drinking champagne all afternoon on top of this.   This gathering is on a Sunday.

What and where can the go.  Craig’s house is the obvious choice, plenty of bedrooms and food in the freezer.  Carla hollered “Howard”.


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