Giggles and Laughter

“Ok Howard, you take care of our girls and you bring them all back here for breakfast tomorrow, I insist”! The girls all hugged Mrs. S, got their bags and left Mrs. S and Samuel, who seemed the least drunk, in charge for a while.

Between all the giggles, the three girls managed to get all the beds made up. Carla threw cold water on her face and went about getting things out for breakfast she was back in her kitchen again ready for a party of men. She started to cry, and Paula came over “What’s the matter honey. The guys only do this when they’re all together, and don’t worry Howard always provides safe transportation.”

“I’m ok, just too much champagne. It’s the first time I have come home without Craig on my arm after we’ve been drinking” the giggles where turning into laughter “I’m just wondering which of the guys he’ll be dancing up the steps with”.

Paula and Mary looked at Carla, “OH” came out along with louder laughing, as the tears ran down their faces from laughing so hard.

“Carla will you please show us how he does the dip and how you drop” Paula who was trying to keep up with the guys drinking, was laughing so hard she fell off the chair. The guys may need Howard but it was looking like the girls needed him as well . . . they where all rolling on the floor laughing after Mary tried to dance up the stairs and missed the first step. That is where they were sitting when Howard brought the men all home.

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