Morning After

Carla woke to smell coffee brewing and she heard noise downstairs, she sat up shaking her head. Craig was snoring louder than usual, her head hurt “Oh now I remember, the reunion and I have a houseful of people”. A quick cold shower and Carla strolled down the staircase and into the kitchen. “Morning Howard, what’s cooking?”

Well I can honestly say been there done that.  I remember a little impromptu gathering at my house on weekend.  Waking up to noises and wondering what was going on.

Bet that memory prompted this chapter you’d be right.  Sometimes that’s where the best story ideas come from.

Like sitting at a restaurant just watching other people, can put a smile on my face and a story line in my head…    Like going out on a date and ordering a lobster for dinner, why not you’re not paying, only to see how big it is when it’s placed in front of you; now that’s a Kodak moment that will always be remembered.

What’s your favorite memory?

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