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Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones

As the music started, Carla walked in the room. Craig saw her, he was breathless, his mouth opened slightly, followed by a huge smile complete with that twinkle in his eye that he gets when she walks into the room. Her dress clung to her body like a glove, the ivory showing off her tan, the neckline décolleté, the veil trailing off the top of her hair pulled loosely back in the braid with tiny flowers, just the way he liked it. The new jewelry he bought her showing off her sparkling blue eyes.

Craig was so ruggedly handsome, his newly grown beard and his sun bleached hair and tan showed off his ivory colored summer suit; that was almost the identical color of her dress, his gold and white printed shirt opened several buttons down, she smiled at the red and white tea rose boutonniere, his eyes said what words couldn’t say at the moment as she walked to him.

Craig and Carla said their vows, and the JP introduced the room to “Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones” Craig took Carla in his arms and dipped her planting a long lingering kiss. Mark and Paula joined the newlyweds in a group hug, got in the limousine, popped open the champagne with a toast to “Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones”.

“Carla you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I love this dress; can you wear it anytime or just today? I can just see you on our staircase coming to my waiting arms.” Craig whispered in Carla’s ear, in a very low seductive voice and squeezed her hand. Carla smiled and whispered back, “As many times as you want my husband”! They kissed, had more champagne, then Carla whispered in his ear “I love my jewelry but I love my knight, my husband and that boyfriend I was ravaged by last night, impetuous, crazy and insatiable as you are, I’m yours  forever”!

The Wedding Trip Begins

Carla and Craig packed up their suitcases, “Craig Jones, you haven’t shaved again, that’s two day’s in a row, going for a new look are we? I like it, come here let me see if this works” she reached up her finger running it over his jaw “soft hmm. ” “Why Carla you little vixen you, whoa, you do know how to light my fire!”

They drove into Awlsport “I need to see Howard, he said to meet him here at 1 today at the drive in. So let’s have a burger and malt, there’s a table with an umbrella Carla, I’ll get our order placed.” A few minutes later Howard pulled in, “Get me the same as you Craig,” he said joining Carla.

“Excited” “Yes Howard I have to admit I am, guess it shows!” “Yes and it looks beautiful on you.” “Everything will be ok Carla, don’t worry!”  “Lunch is served,” Craig passed everything around. “So Howard I need you to keep an eye out at the house, and could I have Fed Ex deliver to your studio?”

“Sure, how long you going to be gone Craig? Do I need an alarm code, did you ever get that set up yet with ADT?”  “Nope, that’s why I need your help while we’re gone. Thanks for the help the other day, I knew it would not work just Mark and me, been there done that!” “I remember.”

“Well Missy here wants to go to Key West, I’ve booked us at the Key Largo’s Grande Hilton. Only telling you Allan and Mary Kate. Be back Thursday night next week or is it Friday, hell I don’t remember now, I’ll call you.”

“No problem Craig, I’ll handle everything. Remember to watch your backs in Vegas! Wish I could’ve gone with you two, but I drew the short straw and the business took priority.”  “We understand Howard, you where my second choice for best man, since Allan is out of the country.”

Howard handed Craig 20 dollars, gave him a hug and kissed Carla on the

Carla’s Next Move

All the company is gone, you’ve got the mess cleaned up and it’s time to settle down with a cup of coffee with the man you’re engaged to marry, and two friends .  Everyone at the table is now officially on vacation.  Mark asked “So how can we help you two, with moving maybe?”

Carla’s excited and looks at Craig “Could we start moving my stuff, so you can carry me over this threshold?”  Paula adds her thoughts to Mark’s and Craig agrees…    Howard returns just in time to replenish the food stuffs they had eaten that morning.

“Thanks Howard, think Craig would like a quiet word.” “So what’s up today, you guys not working?” “We’re all on vacation, just talking about moving Carla up here today.” “Well I’ll go get my van, if you’d like my help?”

Craig smiled. “That would be perfect Howard, enough room for me and Carla in the cab?” “Sure Mark you guys follow us for overflow, let’s roll!”

By Monday evening Carla’s apartment was empty, her mail was forwarded and the keys were turned into the office, Mary Kate was out-of-town but they did see Roger. “Carla you guys must keep in touch, we will miss you.” Craig and Roger shook hands, Carla smiled and kissed his cheek. She said, “Thank you Roger for all your help.” Carla’s new life was about to begin.

Mark and Paula stayed over to help unpack and spent an enjoyable evening out on the patio with steaks and wine, spending another night at Craig’s Place.

Wednesday morning while enjoying their breakfast and newspapers all 4 cell phones rang as the Today show announced “Standard has just shut down permanently…”    “We’re all unemployed…”

#EarthFare, #FreshMarket, #WholeFoods

Attention Business Owners and Marketing Managers everywhere.  Here’s my dilemma- need to eat healthy; non-preservation and no additive foods.  I like to be healthy.

#EarthFare, #FreshMarket, #WholeFoods, now have 2 stores each in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area, oh and don’t forget the 2 #TraderJoe’s on the same road miles apart.

Guess where all but two store’s are?  You might say North, South, East and West, but you’d be wrong because they are all north of Broad Ripple and in Hamilton County.

Every single store I have been in, I ask when will you be coming to another side of town.  You see I have lived on the west side since 1970 something.  Every single store has asked for my zip code or where I live.

Where do I live, I have chuckled and replied “why out west of course.”  Then I have asked “you every checked out all the license plates in your parking lot?”  Only to hear a “no why should I.”

“You really should, most of the license plates are from Illinois, Boone and Hendricks Counties.”

I have to drive over 30 miles sometimes more in order to shop where those foods are.  I never complain about the pricing, to me it’s worth every penny.  I don’t buy soft drinks, I buy Evian or Perrier water, or Italian soda’s like San Pellegrino.  I drink Coconut waters and I’m not talking about the stuff with additives like artificial flavorings, we’re talking #Naturalflavorings and no food colored yogurts either.  I buy good stuff Greek yogurts that are 10 for 5 because the date is close.

OK I’m getting off my band wagon… I’ve had my say.  If you think that your side of town is being cheated like I do then tell them.  My blood pressure is already going down.