#EarthFare, #FreshMarket, #WholeFoods

Attention Business Owners and Marketing Managers everywhere.  Here’s my dilemma- need to eat healthy; non-preservation and no additive foods.  I like to be healthy.

#EarthFare, #FreshMarket, #WholeFoods, now have 2 stores each in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area, oh and don’t forget the 2 #TraderJoe’s on the same road miles apart.

Guess where all but two store’s are?  You might say North, South, East and West, but you’d be wrong because they are all north of Broad Ripple and in Hamilton County.

Every single store I have been in, I ask when will you be coming to another side of town.  You see I have lived on the west side since 1970 something.  Every single store has asked for my zip code or where I live.

Where do I live, I have chuckled and replied “why out west of course.”  Then I have asked “you every checked out all the license plates in your parking lot?”  Only to hear a “no why should I.”

“You really should, most of the license plates are from Illinois, Boone and Hendricks Counties.”

I have to drive over 30 miles sometimes more in order to shop where those foods are.  I never complain about the pricing, to me it’s worth every penny.  I don’t buy soft drinks, I buy Evian or Perrier water, or Italian soda’s like San Pellegrino.  I drink Coconut waters and I’m not talking about the stuff with additives like artificial flavorings, we’re talking #Naturalflavorings and no food colored yogurts either.  I buy good stuff Greek yogurts that are 10 for 5 because the date is close.

OK I’m getting off my band wagon… I’ve had my say.  If you think that your side of town is being cheated like I do then tell them.  My blood pressure is already going down.

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