Carla’s Next Move

All the company is gone, you’ve got the mess cleaned up and it’s time to settle down with a cup of coffee with the man you’re engaged to marry, and two friends .  Everyone at the table is now officially on vacation.  Mark asked “So how can we help you two, with moving maybe?”

Carla’s excited and looks at Craig “Could we start moving my stuff, so you can carry me over this threshold?”  Paula adds her thoughts to Mark’s and Craig agrees…    Howard returns just in time to replenish the food stuffs they had eaten that morning.

“Thanks Howard, think Craig would like a quiet word.” “So what’s up today, you guys not working?” “We’re all on vacation, just talking about moving Carla up here today.” “Well I’ll go get my van, if you’d like my help?”

Craig smiled. “That would be perfect Howard, enough room for me and Carla in the cab?” “Sure Mark you guys follow us for overflow, let’s roll!”

By Monday evening Carla’s apartment was empty, her mail was forwarded and the keys were turned into the office, Mary Kate was out-of-town but they did see Roger. “Carla you guys must keep in touch, we will miss you.” Craig and Roger shook hands, Carla smiled and kissed his cheek. She said, “Thank you Roger for all your help.” Carla’s new life was about to begin.

Mark and Paula stayed over to help unpack and spent an enjoyable evening out on the patio with steaks and wine, spending another night at Craig’s Place.

Wednesday morning while enjoying their breakfast and newspapers all 4 cell phones rang as the Today show announced “Standard has just shut down permanently…”    “We’re all unemployed…”

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