The Wedding Trip Begins

Carla and Craig packed up their suitcases, “Craig Jones, you haven’t shaved again, that’s two day’s in a row, going for a new look are we? I like it, come here let me see if this works” she reached up her finger running it over his jaw “soft hmm. ” “Why Carla you little vixen you, whoa, you do know how to light my fire!”

They drove into Awlsport “I need to see Howard, he said to meet him here at 1 today at the drive in. So let’s have a burger and malt, there’s a table with an umbrella Carla, I’ll get our order placed.” A few minutes later Howard pulled in, “Get me the same as you Craig,” he said joining Carla.

“Excited” “Yes Howard I have to admit I am, guess it shows!” “Yes and it looks beautiful on you.” “Everything will be ok Carla, don’t worry!”  “Lunch is served,” Craig passed everything around. “So Howard I need you to keep an eye out at the house, and could I have Fed Ex deliver to your studio?”

“Sure, how long you going to be gone Craig? Do I need an alarm code, did you ever get that set up yet with ADT?”  “Nope, that’s why I need your help while we’re gone. Thanks for the help the other day, I knew it would not work just Mark and me, been there done that!” “I remember.”

“Well Missy here wants to go to Key West, I’ve booked us at the Key Largo’s Grande Hilton. Only telling you Allan and Mary Kate. Be back Thursday night next week or is it Friday, hell I don’t remember now, I’ll call you.”

“No problem Craig, I’ll handle everything. Remember to watch your backs in Vegas! Wish I could’ve gone with you two, but I drew the short straw and the business took priority.”  “We understand Howard, you where my second choice for best man, since Allan is out of the country.”

Howard handed Craig 20 dollars, gave him a hug and kissed Carla on the

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