Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones

As the music started, Carla walked in the room. Craig saw her, he was breathless, his mouth opened slightly, followed by a huge smile complete with that twinkle in his eye that he gets when she walks into the room. Her dress clung to her body like a glove, the ivory showing off her tan, the neckline décolleté, the veil trailing off the top of her hair pulled loosely back in the braid with tiny flowers, just the way he liked it. The new jewelry he bought her showing off her sparkling blue eyes.

Craig was so ruggedly handsome, his newly grown beard and his sun bleached hair and tan showed off his ivory colored summer suit; that was almost the identical color of her dress, his gold and white printed shirt opened several buttons down, she smiled at the red and white tea rose boutonniere, his eyes said what words couldn’t say at the moment as she walked to him.

Craig and Carla said their vows, and the JP introduced the room to “Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones” Craig took Carla in his arms and dipped her planting a long lingering kiss. Mark and Paula joined the newlyweds in a group hug, got in the limousine, popped open the champagne with a toast to “Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones”.

“Carla you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I love this dress; can you wear it anytime or just today? I can just see you on our staircase coming to my waiting arms.” Craig whispered in Carla’s ear, in a very low seductive voice and squeezed her hand. Carla smiled and whispered back, “As many times as you want my husband”! They kissed, had more champagne, then Carla whispered in his ear “I love my jewelry but I love my knight, my husband and that boyfriend I was ravaged by last night, impetuous, crazy and insatiable as you are, I’m yours  forever”!

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