You just need to let your imagination go about the honeymoon in Vegas, all I will say is Mr. & Mrs. Jones were unavailable by door or phones for 2 days.

Craig made reservations for their get away that only 3 other people knew about before they connected back with Mark and Paula.  They packed all they could into the last day with Mark and Paula and took the red-eye back to Chicago.

On the ground Craig made sure about the changed arrangements with the limo driver as he removed their luggage and placed it on a cart, Craig handed him a 50 dollar bill “Thank you”. “Yes Mr. Jones, instructions understood, and congratulations”!

“See you later”! They waved as Craig and Carla disappeared inside the terminal at O’Hare. Leaving Mark and Paula standing at the limos door with their mouths open. “What they just left us here”!

The limo driver spoke “I have instructions to take you to the Delta in Carpenter for breakfast and then to your residence Mr. Smith”. Mark and Paula just looked at each other dumbfounded!

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