Craig and Carla are in the airport and their name is called over the PA. Only three people know where they are headed. Craig made sure to watch the limo pull away with Mark and Paula, somewhat mystified at being left.

“Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jones please go to the British Airways Lounge party is waiting there”. “What” Craig looked at Carla “Don’t look at me, Mary Kate went home, maybe she here”? “Mary Kate hi”, Carla hugged her and turned around as she was tapped on the shoulder “Allan”! “Craig, Carla you both look beautiful, marriage is agreeing with you two. We just landed”.

“How did you know we where here Allan”? “Howard, it’s a long story which we can talk about later. We’re driving back together so we have some time to talk. How was the wedding, there’s a little bistro close to the gates you leave from let’s go there, shall we”? Allan took Mary Kate and Craig took Carla, to a pleasant surprise visit with their best friends.

At 8:50 they were on a flight for Miami and Key Largo’s Grande Hilton. Mrs.  Jones got her wish swimming and walking the beaches the Atlantic in the morning and the Gulf in the evening.

If you want to know the rest you’re just going to have to read it…  page 243

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