Where’s Summer Gone?

2013 Summer is almost over, and I’m finding myself wondering where the past 3 months went.

I know I was working a few days a week for the past couple months.  It was wonderful seeing so many people every day and sharing in their adventures, trials, and joys.

I’ve had a few wonderful weekend mornings of enjoying my little patio and nature.  Meet a lot of new people, I hope to have in my life for quite some time. Just can’t shake the feeling that I am still missing something in your life?

I am in that state of what’s missing right now. I’ve change my office décor,  cleaned the house thoroughly..

Should I run away for a few days.  Or read a new book and ignore everything around me, but that doesn’t feel like what I need to do.   I’m willing to face the fact that isn’t what I’m missing.

I realize now that it’s companionship, the face to face of loved ones and the friends that I see on Facebook and read about in all my email.   That’s what is missing in my life, all of you.

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