Who Broke In Craig’s

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XLI left you hanging with Craig with his finger on the trigger of his loaded Glock.

“Craig it’s me Tim,” Tim said faintly. Lightning struck again lighting up the main floor and Craig could see it was Tim, but someone was lying next to him. “Who’s that with you Tim?” “Mark, I think he knocked himself out when he fell.”

Craig heard the door latch, he heard Carla whisper “HA” he held up the flashlight slightly and saw Howard’s boots; moving the light up, he slowly lowered his gun. He took a deep breath. “This had better be good Tim, do you know what time it is, and why are you in my house to start with?” Craig demanded!

Howard came in to check on Mark, “He’s out cold, must have hit his head on the stairs.” Craig ran up the stairs to Carla, who was laying there on the floor crying and shaking worse now than from the storm. Howard’s number flashing on her phone. “It’s ok honey. Be right down Howard. Let’s get you in your robe and slippers, you’re coming with me.” “My legs are like Jell-O.” Craig picked her up into his arms. “I got you Honey.”

The light’s came on, “Thank God. Now would someone please explain just what the hell is going on here? 6 AM and you just waltz into my house, are you fucking crazy, Tim I could have killed you!” Craig demanded as he took a deep breath, the images of what could have happened flashing through his mind, he exhaled.

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