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Family Discussion

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XL

Mark is taken away in the ambulance from his fall and accident. The household is getting back to a calm status. Craig, Carla and Howard sit drinking coffee.

“Jeez what a morning,” Howard said running his hands through his hair and sat down on the stool. “Howard, I think today we should have that family discussion about how you and I are so connected. Carla thinks you’re her personal body guard,” Craig said laughing. “Can we buy you breakfast, partner?” Craig asked as Howard looked up “Yes Craig, you can, I’m famished.”

“I heard that. Craig you hit the shower. Howard, relax with a cup of hot coffee. I’m cooking!” Carla said smiling at Howard, “It would be my pleasure Mrs. Jones,” Howard said. “I’ll be right back,” Craig said as he ran up the stairs. “So what are we cooking Carla?” Howard asked as Carla proceeded to fix breakfast and talk to Howard. “My Granny’s fried breakfast scramble. It’s onions, home fries, crispy bacon, eggs, and cheese; I’m starved.”

Howard watched her work sipping his coffee and made a comment “Adrenalin will make you that way, so will stress. How’s your heart rate now?” he asked. “I’m ok, Howard.” Craig said, “I’m back put me to work.” “Jeez did the water even get hot Craig,” Howard asked. “NO just lukewarm, you’ll like this dish.”

Over breakfast Howard spoke, “Carla, soon you will be able to really understand why, I seem to be your body-guard. Briefly Carla, my family and Craig’s have been meshed together for almost a century. We are partners, both important to each other and this town. It will all make sense later when all of us sit down and go through all this. Craig, even you will finally understand why I’m your big brother. Today none of us need that.”

“Is this clearing up the curiosity of Howard and me now, Carla?” Craig asked. “Yes I am starting to understand, thanks Howard” Carla smiled and touched his hand. “Ok then I need a nap, talk with you two later, thanks for breakfast.” Howard said as he stood up to leave.

Howard turned to Craig “Oh as you have probably figured out already, I have a key to the house,” he laid it on the table. Craig replied as he walked him out. “Howard you’re the only one I trust to have that key, keep it for emergency purposes.”

What a wake up!


I’ve started  the new book Secret Treasures Of Blackston Lake. Somehow this picture makes me think of the type of morning Craig and Carla have had. It was a picture I took 2 months ago on a real foggy morning at 7 AM.

Today I thought I’d chill. (Literally chill Indy is in the 30’s and it’s only the 22 of October.)

This  picture is a few minutes about 15 minutes after the one above. It sure made me wonder what the day would bring. And of the weather to come this winter.??????????


Something’s wrong

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XL

Howard knocked on the door as he used his key to come in, “Found the car and the noise you heard, Craig. They slammed into the mailbox and took out part of the existing old fencing. The front-end of that Honda Accord is trashed, hit dead center on the cement stone post.” Howard poured himself more coffee and said, “When are these guys going to learn Jack’s not their friend. Truthfully Craig, you, me, Blackie and Joey are the only sane ones in the bunch of our whole Corps Group.”

“Howard, Craig you better come here!” Carla cried out “Something’s wrong with Mark!” Craig came running to the staircase knowing Carla still had her phone in her hand “Call 911 Carla.”

Howard quickly knelt down to Mark “He’s hurt from the accident the fall only knocked him out. Don’t move him.” “I hear the siren!” Carla said.

“Carla, call Paula’s cell. See if they are here or home. NO, cancel that. I’m driving over to his folks. Be back shortly. Craig, call the sheriff to report the accident and see if you can get Tim back here.” Howard commanded as he ran out the door, the Hummer speeded down the drive.

Will Tim Get Fired?


“Craig, may I have some of that coffee? Here is the extra house key that
I had. I would not blame you for firing me. I was stupid and drunk!”
Tim accepted the coffee from Howard as he gave the key to Craig.

Craig spoke in a very controlled voice “Tim, we aren’t going to talk now
but we will later. Tim, I will pay what I owe you now. Any other keys
to my property in your possession, I want returned today.”

“Yes Craig,  before noon I am going home if you need me. I have no idea where
Mark’s vehicle is.”

Craig closed the door after Tim shaking his head, he asked “Why
Howard, what were they thinking?”

Enough Drama

We are all upset over what’s going on in our world. So I’ve decided to take this week off and start over praying really hard our leaders will quit kicking sand at each other and act like the adults we are paying them to be.

I’m going back to my happy little couple at Blackston Lake.