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Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XLHoward and his son Tommy are coming to dinner at Craig and Carla’s to talk about the security.

“Hope we have enough room here. What floor plans do we need, Howard?” Craig asked.

Howard answered his question, “Tommy’s photos will provide me with the information I need what you have here is fine.”

Howard inquired, “Craig was yesterday morning what brought about your decision for installing the security system,” as he accepted the glass of wine.

“Howard, it took 2 bottles of Bordeaux and lots of talking to realize that we need this,” Craig stated.

Howard nodded his head in acknowledgment. “Ok, so we’ll start with the house and work on the rest later.”

“Yes, that’s my main focus now,” Craig replied nodding his head in agreement.

“Dinner’s ready gentlemen,” Carla announced as she began dishing up the food. . .

Ah Ha Moment

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XLCarla and Craig are sitting in front of the big picture window overlooking the lake, drinking wine and talking.  The subject is Mark…

Quietly Carla looked out at the lake before she spoke “More wine please. I felt that when he helped me in Chicago, he kept touching me or trying to hold me.” Taking a drink, she continued on, “I was actually glad that you were there, it was a distraction Mark was forced to quit touching me. At work he would just walk into my office and stand there watching me. God that was so freaky.” She shivered sitting down on his lap sipping more of her wine Craig put his arm around her.

Carla looked in his eyes as she asked. “Remember shortly after I came back to work, you and I started getting acquainted. Mark said he wanted to see how  was doing and to meet him; that was the night you introduced me to Howard.” Craig lowered his head, remembering the feeling of jealousy he had felt that night he looked up to her and said.

“Oh yeah, Howard and Mark both got in my face that night, I understood Howard’s anger, I was still married, but I did not understand Mark till much later. Why, Carla?”

She took a deep breath and exhaled, finishing her statement, “Because, Mark had me to himself, until you walked in the room, that’s when I saw the red daggers. So does this jive with what you started to talk about?”

Craig downed his glass and refilled both glasses, thinking of how he wanted to explain his theory of what happened yesterday morning. “Yes honey it does! It also explains why he was trying to go up the stairs. He was trying to get to you. If he was going for the booze, we probably wouldn’t have heard them.” Craig pulled her into his arms and held her tight. Carla had suddenly lost all of her coloring, “Ok baby.”

Carla looked up “Yes, I think we need my body-guard.”

Craig smiled and softly whispered, “I know we do.”


Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XLCarla continues revealing her feelings to Craig…

“I don’t know how to say this, except to blurt it out, so here it goes” Carla took a big drink of wine and continued, “Mark scares me sometimes, the way he looks at me, makes me shiver. Moreover, the way he glares at you, at times its red-hot daggers. I think his jealousy and envy of you is worse than Samuel’s!” Carla took her wine glass and downed it.

Craig looked at her in awe and realized his mouth was open, saying “Whoa, Carla. That was quite a statement you just made. Is that some of your outsider type observations. Why haven’t you told me this before,” Craig asked. “Can I interject something here without upsetting you?”

Carla looked up at him, “Yes you may, and yes there’s more I’m afraid.”

Craig took the wine bottle in his hand stating, “I think I understand the two bottles of wine now, refill?”

“Yes please, and Craig this is a good thing not a bad thing. Ok?” Craig said, “Yes Carla.”

“Your turn Craig, maybe we are both about to say the same things.” Craig cleared his throat, took a sip of wine and was silent for a moment then said.

“Ok, yes Mark is about as jealous as Samuel in some respects, but Mark is not consistent, he runs hot and cold. Like he was fine in Vegas until we got back to the hotel, then he seemed furious. At the airport he got pissed, both coming and going, you know why Carla?”

Craig asked and took her hand she shook her head, “No I hope it’s not what I thinking it was!” Carla exclaimed.

“I’m afraid it was, because he couldn’t be close to you Carla.” Craig alleged, taking her hand and squeezed it as Carla emptied her glass and uttered, “Oh crap, I was afraid that was it!”

Carla’s Upset

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XLThe newlyweds decide to tackle the attic and see what  treasures lurk behind the door. They joke about dust bunnies and cooties they would find. However, the direction of their day was about to change.

Craig smiled at her, “We’re probably going to have more dust bunnies bothering us than cooties today my lady!”

“Craig, after everything that happened yesterday I need upbeat music today. Yesterday reminded me of some things I’d rather not remember.” Carla made her request in a low voice hoping he got her intention.

Craig watched her for a few minutes, aware that she had been very quiet after the incident yesterday morning and she was not acting like her normal self. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He ran upstairs looking for her calendar, checked the date, and decided it was safe for him to pry, something was wrong.

“Carla we don’t have to do the attic today if you’d rather talk something out. You were tossing around a lot in your sleep last night!” Craig asked touching her back.

“I was!” Carla inquired turning around to face him.

“Yes” He nodded his head.

“Well I haven’t done that in a while. Are you a good listener Craig, or should I call my counselor,” Carla asked blushing.

“Choose your beverage and location, I am all ears!” Craig smiled with a somewhat serious look on his face as he waited for her reply.

“Get us two bottles of Bordeaux and meet me upstairs at the big window by our room, I’ll get the glasses.”

“Ok Mrs. Jones, bottles are opened and glasses filled. The floor and view is all yours. Now what should I say.” As Craig sat down at the window seat looking at his wife.

“It’s my turn to go next Craig. This is my session! Oh, how much do you charge for an hour?”

“Depends” Craig smiled kissing her cheek. “Probably nothing since you’re testing my ability, I’ll take it out in trade!”

Carla looked out at the lake before she spoke “When I was a young girl . . . my Mother, Linda Sue died of colon cancer, I think she was 32. I do not remember a lot about her, just the few things Granny told me. She said I looked just like her and I honestly believe she watches over me sometimes.” Carla sipped some wine “Like yesterday, I felt like someone was lying on top of me to keep me still. I wish I had a picture of her to show you.” Craig saw tears welling up in her eyes and patted her hand.

Carla continued after a drink of her wine, “My brother Charlie, Charles Nathan Sharp was a hunk, just like you Mr. Jones. There are things you do especially when were in the water that bring back memories of Charlie. Charlie was a jock in school he lettering in football and basketball. He’s the one who got me interested in running and taught me to swim.”

Empting her glass Carla continued, “He was only 17 when he died. The bus he was in was, hit head on by a semi. It was 3 days before his high school graduation. Our little town just outside of Rockford lost eight good kids that day. I was only 13.” Craig brought some tissues from their bedroom and set them between them. “More wine please,” Carla asked holding out her glass to him.

“Seeing Mark lying there, it was like seeing Charlie. Someone made me holler for you and Howard, maybe it was Charlie. I hope Mark will be ok!” Carla was staring out the window as Craig said “Honey he’s going to be ok, down for the count for a while, but he’ll be ok.”